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Digital Soil Survey Data Editing and Management course materials are available below.
The following documents require Adobe Acrobat or a compression utility that can read .zip files.
If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Whityn Owen, (503) 414-3024.

Module Digital Soil Survey Presentations Size Date
00 Prerequisite ArcGIS Review PDF; 1.13MB June 2009
01 Intro_Geodatabase_Concepts ZIP; 540KB June 2009
02 Understanding_Topology-Editing Basics ZIP; 1MB June 2009
03 Snapping_and Editing Options ZIP; 12.1MB June 2009
04 Editing Applications ZIP; 6.2MB June 2009
05 SRITB PDF; 868KB June 2009
06 ArcToolbox_Basics ZIP; 3MB June 2009
07 Quality_Control ZIP; 11.5MB June 2009
08 Geodatabase_Setup ZIP; 26.8MB June 2009
09 Managing Soil Data PDF; 2MB June 2009


Tools and Scripts (ArcGIS 9.x)
The following files require a compression utility that can read .zip files.

Digital Soil Survey Presentations Description - Author Version
SSURGO Toolbox National Geodatabase and QA-QA Scripts - NCSS, NE 10-29-2009    (ZIP, 90.9 KB)
Geodatabase_Setup_mo1 Nat'l v.10-2008 Edited for MO1 - NRCS, OR       3-2009         (ZIP, 22 KB)
Common_Line_Search Identifies Common Lines - NRCS, WI v8                 (ZIP, 8 KB)
Soils_Relationship_Classes Creates relationship classes for SSURGO tables imported into soil geodatabase. Tutorial included     - NCSS, NGDC 1-2008      (ZIP, 2.81 MB)
Tabulate_Area_Summary MS Excel macro summarizes ESRI's Tabulate Area Tool output table - NRCS, OR

v1-2010         (ZIP, 9MB)

GIS Data and Additional Resources
Soil_Data_Mart - Download official soils data
DataGateway - NRCS data depot
NRCS_Training - National training page
NCSS - National NRCS soils site
NCGC - National Cartography and Geospatial Center
NGDC - National Geospatial Development Center



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