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NASIS Bugs and Known Issues

NASIS Client Version 7.0.3 - SVN Rev. No. 11713

These are NASIS issues that have been reported and you may want to be aware of them, but they were determined to be of a minor nature and difficult to change.

  1. An error message like “Object reference error” may pop up when closing a table editor. This is most likely to happen with a table that has a lot of child tables (like Data Mapunit) because it takes longer to close, and it happens when the mouse is moved around while the table is closing. You can ignore this message. (#108209)

  2. When using a tablet PC an on-screen keyboard normally appears when you start to edit a text field. This doesn’t happen with the new text edit pop-up box, so you will have to open the keyboard manually. (#81349)

  3. When viewing the Calculation table in the table editor, the column Base Table shows numbers instead of table names. Open the calculation editor to see the base table names. (#108220)

  4. Report output that appears in a browser can be hidden behind the NASIS window. (#106170)

  5. When you have messages in the status or validation list that include hot links, and you undock the message area, the links get changed to plain text. (#106734)

  6. When a NASIS data model change is made and you have left NASIS running on your computer, it will allow you to log in and continue working. But a download or refresh will probably fail due to the data model change. You have to exit from NASIS and restart, which will then force an initialization to the new data model. (#104154).

  7. When copying and pasting in text fields the Undo button may operate differently than you expect. Some inconsistent behavior has been seen (#106569).

  8. When editing an Evaluation, after selecting a Property from the choice list, the Property field will sometimes appear blank. To correct this, save and close the Evaluation editor, then open it again (#140583).

  9. If a large number of editor tabs are opened, eventually an Out of Memory condition can occur, and a large red X will be displayed. At that point it is best to close and restart NASIS (#140229).

  10. If the Capturx digital pen plug-in for Excel is installed and running, importing Excel spreadsheets to NASIS will fail. Capturx needs to be disabled in Excel before dong the import (#138572).