Proposed Changes (NSSH)

The proposed changes listed below are available for comment until November 30, 2014.  Please send any comments or suggestions to the acting national leader for soil survey standards, Dave Hoover, at

Part 608 – Program Management (DOCX; 132 KB)

  • Updated 608.03(d) and 608.03(d)(1) to include the map unit symbol “ANS” for designating “Area not surveyed, access denied”.

Part 614 – Applying Soil Taxonomy (DOC; 856 KB)

  • Extensively revised and updated throughout. Documented procedures to be used in receiving, processing, reviewing and approving proposals for Amendments to Soil Taxonomy, establishes the International Committee on Soil Taxonomy. Extensive updates to the section on Soil Series descriptions and content and includes new exhibits on rounding and significant digits in OSDs.

Part 617 – Soil Survey Interpretations (DOC; 230 KB)

  • Added subsection 617.12 “Interpretation overrides”.  This section is used to explain new population guidelines for over-riding standard interpretations.

Part 627 – Legend Development and Data Collection (DOC; 2.9 MB)

  • Updated 627.04(e)(1) Definition of miscellaneous areas to coincide with the definition in Exhibit 1.
  • Updated 627.04(e)(5). Data population to identify the minimum population requirements.

Part 644 – Soil Survey Investigations (DOC; 586 KB)

  • Updated Exhibit 644-1 “Sections of a Soil Survey Publication” to remove the “required” and the “optional” sections with the intent of identifying those sections within the soil survey publication.