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2004 South Regional Cooperative Soil Survey Conference - Minutes

Biloxi, Mississippi

June 7 - June 10, 2004

Meeting chaired by William Kingery

Minutes of the 2002 conference that was held in Tybee Island, GA were read.

The research committee consisted of Wayne Hudnall, Mike Vepraskas, Charles Love, and Warren Lynn

The minutes from the 2002 conference were approved.

Old Business

The soils properties data has been completed.

It was reported that the committee/task force to gather information on Kandic soils has completed its work.

Bill Craddock will follow up on gathering information on Umbric Subgroups.

A motion was passed to abolish the Hydric Soils committee.

There was a motion by Karl Hipple to review the By-Laws prior to the next conference. The motion was amended by Jerry Daigle to allow the steering committee to review the By-Laws. The amended motion passed.

The Taxonomy Committee function was discussed as it relates to the distribution of taxonomy updates. Karl Hipple will discuss this with Craig Ditzler. It was noted that all MO Leaders are on the Taxonomy Committee. Bill Craddock will serve as Chair of the Regional Taxonomy Committee.

There was a discussion of the need for a Research Committee.

New Business

There was a motion by Mike Lilly to accept a proposal presented for the Consortium of Soil Science Organizations to have representation on the steering committee of Regional Conferences and also of the Soil Science Society of America. The group discussed this proposal and determined that they did not have the authority to make this decision. The motion was withdrawn.

There was a motion by John Kelley to support a plinthite special study. The motion passed. This proposal will be forwarded to the Research Committee.

There was a motion by John Kelley to support the mica study. The motion passed.

Larry West addressed conference attendance. He expressed disappointment with the poor representation from the NRCS staff in Lincoln, NE. Also, it was felt there should be more representation from the Universities. Karl Hipple accepted the responsibility to get the conference back on the right track.

Jim Ford extended an invitation from Oklahoma to host the next conference in 2006.