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Videos about National Soil Survey Center

As part of the NRCS’s International Year of Soils effort, the National Soil Survey Center has invited filmmaker Buz Kloot to highlight the Center, its people, their stories, and the work they do. The people that Buz and Lizbet are filming are Janis Lang, Henry Ferguson, Candiss Williams, and Skye Wills. Dave Hoover and Linda Greene have been involved with the organization of the various shoots which have been located here at the NSSC, the University of Nebraska’s East Campus, Spring Creek National Audubon Center, and the Yankee Hill Quarry. Buz Kloot produced the NRCS’s International Year of Soils Video Series and Lizbet has been the editor. We hope to have the first of four videos ready by mid-November. Here are the vlogs (video blogs) from each day's filming sessions ...

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Other Soil-Related Videos

NRCS was requested by the Foreign Agricultural Service to conduct a pilot project in Haiti to increase the Haitian Ministry of Agriculture’s capacity to lead soil survey activities. This webinar provides a summary of the pilot project objectives, procedures, challenges, and results.

South Carolina NRCS and Earth Sciences and Resources Institute at the University of South Carolina channel

The television series, “Out on the Land,” uses Web Soil Survey to access soils information.