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The NRCS is committed to acquiring, developing and transferring soil quality information and technology. Soil quality / soil health conservation planning, technical assistance, and technology development contacts are listed below. Contact the webmaster for assistance with content available at this site.

  • The National Soil Health and Sustainability Team located at the East National Technology Support Center in Greensboro, NC, specializes in technology transfer and training to improve soil health, productivity, and air and water quality. The interdisciplinary staff conducts soil health training for NRCS employees, conservation partners, farm groups, and producers; develops educational materials and demonstrations to highlight conservation practices that improve soil health; and works with state soil quality/soil health specialists to incorporate soil health concepts into conservation planning and programs. This staff coordinates and instructs "Soil Health and Sustainability for Field Staff" training offered by the NRCS National Employee Development Center (NRCS-NEDC-000050).
  • The National Soil Quality and Ecosystems Branch located at the National Soil Survey Center in Lincoln, NE, specializes in technology development and technical assistance for soil quality assessment and inventory. The interdisciplinary staff develops new tools and decision support aids for assessment; interpretations of dynamic soil properties; standards for inventory; new methods for field recording; as well as innovative data storage and retrieval systems. This staff offers training and assistance for in-field soil quality assessment, dynamic soil properties inventory, ecological site description (ESD) development and related topics upon request.

National Soil Health and Sustainability Team - Greensboro, NC
Address/Phone Information)




Soil Quality Specialty Area

David Lamm

Team Leader
Natural Resources Specialist

336-339-6246 (cell)

team leadership, sustainable soil management for organic and specialty farms, integration of soil quality resource concerns with conservation practice standards, conservation programs, and payment schedules

Ray Archuleta

Conservation Agronomist

336-404-7443 (cell)

soil biology/ecology, diversity approaches for agroecosystem sustainability, soil quality concepts, demonstrations and test kit training applicable to field staff and producers

Leander Brown

Soil Scientist

336-404-7936 (cell)

soil quality education and outreach



336-404-0151 (cell)

sustainable soil management for cropland, cropping systems, crop rotation, cover crop, and conservation tillage practices, Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation 2 (RUSLE2), Soil Conditioning Index (SCI)

Dr. Holli Kuykendall


336-404-4005 (cell)

webmaster, soil quality indicators, publications, graphics, online training resources, National Employee Development Center (NEDC) soil quality training technical coordinator

Steve Woodruff


336-339-6258 (cell)

sustainable soil management for cropland and pasture, Forage Suitability Groups (FSGs), prescribed grazing system and rainfall simulator demonstrations

Tracy Briscoe

Administrative Assistant


administrative support

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National Soil Quality and Ecosystems Branch - Lincoln, NE
Address/Phone Information)




Soil Quality Specialty Area

Dr. Susan Andrews

National Leader

402-617-9774 (cell)

soil biology/ecology, agroecosystem sustainability, indicator selection/interpretation, decision tool development and validation, test kit development and training

Craig Busskohl


402-318-1152 (cell)

forest soil health, forest management and disturbance, Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs), forest soil interpretations

Dr. Faustin Iyamuremye

Soil Scientist


soil quality, soil biology, soil carbon, soil quality indicator assessment and interpretation, cropping systems

Mike Kucera


402-318-1145 (cell)

sustainable soil management for crop and pasture, forage suitability groups, Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs), agronomic soil interpretations

Curtis Talbot

Range Management Specialist

402-802-0441 (cell)

rangeland health, dynamic soil properties, Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs), range soil interpretations

Dr. Skye Wills

Soil Scientist – Dynamic Soil Properties

402-314-5659 (cell)

dynamic soil properties; indicator selection; data analysis and storage; test kits; Rapid Carbon Assessment; crop, range, and subaqueous soils

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