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Technical Service Providers

South Dakota (SD) Technical Service Providers (TSP) Program

TSP Shortcuts

Interested in becoming a Technical Service Provider?
 It's easy, just check out the TechReg-Step by Step Guide

Certification Criteria
 For details on technical service categories, find them here.

Need help becoming qualified?
 Working with Recommending Organizations and our partners is an easy way to get qualified and certified as a Technical Service Provider.

Apply Online
 Using your USDA User ID you can now Apply Online to become a certified TSP. This includes individuals, businesses, as well as Public Sector Entities.

South Dakota's Technical Service Provider (TSP) Program is intended to help professionals interested in providing technical assistance to landowners and farmers under one of the Farm Bill conservation programs.

How to become a TSP

Register to become a TSP through the TechReg Web site.

South Dakota TSP Meeting (March 4, 2014 at Huron, SD)

A meeting was held on Macrh 4, 2014, at the NRCS State Office in Huron, SD for Technical Service Providers. This information was presented at the meeting:


South Dakota TSP Meeting (February 5, 2013 at Huron, SD)

A meeting was held on February 5, 2013, at the NRCS State Office in Huron, SD, for Technical Service Providers.  This information was presented at the meeting:

South Dakota TSP Meeting (January 31, 2012 at Huron, SD)

A meeting was held on January 31, 2012, at the NRCS State Office in Huron, SD, for Technical Service Providers.  This information was presented at the meeting:

What's New

A new version of the SD NRCS Animal Waste Storage Facility Design spreadsheet was posted on June 11, 2009, to the SD Engineering Tools and Software Web site.  This site is located at:

Reimbursement and the Technical Service Payment Rates (formerly Not-to-Exceed (NTE) Rates)

Technical Service Payment Rates (TSPR) - TSPs in most cases will not be reimbursed by the NRCS.  It is the program participants responsibility to hire and pay the TSP.  The NRCS will reimburse the program participant.  The reimbursement is based upon the TSPR.  The NRCS bases TSPR on local NRCS data, procurement, and market data.  The NRCS goal is to encourage the highest quality technical services for its participants with the most cost-effective expenditure of government dollars.  Adjustments are periodically made to the TSPR at the state level.

Technical Service Practice Payment Worksheets

Statements of Work and/or Conservation Practice Standards

The SOW is a document that details what is necessary to complete the technical services for program participants and/or TSPs.

For example, if the Waste Storage Facility (313) CPS is to be completed, the SOW will detail exactly what is expected of the TSP to satisfactorily complete the required technical services for each component (design, installation, and checkout) of the practice.

Each SOW provides information about how to complete a practice and has specific information about "deliverables" for each component which are required to meet NRCS-SD Standards and Specifications.  The "deliverables" are the technical services required for each practice for which a client hires a TSP to provide.

How to Access the SOW or CPS on the e-FOTG Web site:

  1. Go to NRCS-South Dakota's FOTG Web site
  2. Select the SD county where the project is located
  3. On the Main Menu on the left side of the opening screen, select Section IV of the FOTG, then select Sub-section A -   
      Conservation Practices
  4. Select (highlight) a CPS
  5. Below the name of the highlighted CPS will be a selection which repeats the selected CPS name along with the words "Standard" or "Statement of Work"
  6. Select the desired document for the selected CPS.

TSP Guidance Documents


Guidance for Program Participant

Guidance for TSP

Guidance for NRCS Employees

NRCS State Directives System (to find TSP Program Updates)

Technical Resources

SD NRCS Contacts

    TSP Program and Engineering Information:  Jay B. Cobb, State Conservation Engineer, (605) 352-1260