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Other Manure and Wastewater Utilization Options

Other Manure and Wastewater Utilization OptionsCompost Barn

This element addresses alternative uses of manure, such as sale of manure or compost off-site power generation, feed stock, and other innovative solutions needed when land application opportunities are limited and/or livestock and poultry producers desire alternative value-added approaches to manure and wastewater use.

Conservation Practice Standards

How to Access the CPS on the FOTG Web site:

  1. Go to NRCS-South Dakota's FOTG Web site
  2. Select the SD county where the project is located
  3. On the Main Menu on the left side of the opening screen, select Section IV of the FOTG, then select Sub-section A  Conservation Practices
  4. Select (highlight) a CPS
  5. Below the name of the highlighted CPS will be a selection which repeats the selected CPS name along with the words "Standard".
  6. Select the desired document for the selected CPS.