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Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, and Limited Resource Farmers\Ranchers

Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, and Limited Resource Farmers/Ranchers

The purpose of this program is to ensure that NRCS programs are administered in a way that enables small or limited resource farmers maintain and develop economic viability in farm operations; to ensure NRCS technical assistance programs and activities reach small and limited resource farmers and ranchers; and that technical practices and information are relevant to the needs of these farmers and ranchers.

Minority Farm Register Brochure

USDA Creates Voluntary Register to Reach Minority Producers

The new Minority Farm Register is an outreach tool to underserved farmers and ranchers who are not currently enrolled in USDA loan, farm, or conservation programs. The register will create a shared outreach list that will help USDA, community-based organizations and minority-serving educational institutions to communicate with minority farmers and ranchers.

By joining the Register, minority producers may receive outreach materials, newsletters, and program announcements from USDA Agencies.  They may also receive information and assistance from other USDA-approved outreach partners, such as community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and minority-serving educational institutions.  USDA will carefully control access to the Register.

The Register application is available at USDA Service Centers or from approved USDA outreach partners.  Completed applications may be mailed to:  Minority Farm Register, USDA Stop Code 0503, 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C., 20250.  The sign-up information will also be available on the USDA Web site at, (search for Form  AD-2035).  Sign-up forms will be issued in Spanish and English.

For more information in South Dakota, please contact Denise Gauer, ASTC(O), by phone at (605) 352-1243; fax at (605) 352-1270; or email at

Additional Information

National Socially Disadvantaged, Beginning, and Limited Resource Farmers/Ranchers Web Page

Program Contact

Jeff VanderWilt, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, at 605-352-1206
Doug Vik, Economist, at 605-352-1241
Denise Gauer, Outreach Coordinator for SD NRCS, at 605-352-1243