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Conservation Program Appeals

Definition of an Appeal

An appeal is a written request by an NRCS or USDA applicant or participant of any technical determination or decision made by the agency that an applicant or participant might consider to be adverse to their interests.  The decisions may include any of the following examples:

  • Highly Erodible Land Determinations
  • Wetland Determinations or Violations
  • Conservation Program Eligibility
  • Conservation Program Contract Violations
  • Easement Violations
  • Non-Compliance with Regulations
  • Other Program Issues

Appeal Requirements

Any person that receives an adverse technical determination or decision from NRCS must be given rights to appeal the decision.  This authority, as set forth in Title II of the Federal Crop Insurance Reform and Department of Agriculture Reorganization Act of 1994, 7 U.S.C. 6995 (Public Law 103-354), and 7 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 614, provides two "paths" for the NRCS informal processes, as follows:

The following are links to NRCS Appeals and Mediation Policy as well as to the National Appeals Division (NAD), NRCS, and Farm Service Agency (FSA) appeals regulations:

General Appeals Policy
NRCS Title XII Program Appeals Policy
NRCS Non-Title XII Program Appeals Policy
NRCS Mediation Policy
NRCS Appeals and NAD
NRCS Appeals Letters and Documentation
State Certified Agricultural Mediation Program

Program Contact

Gerald Jasmer, State Resource Conservationist, 605-352-1234