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Ambassador Kit

The NRCS Recruitment/Job Information.

For any of the following items, please contact the Lori DePauw in the State Office at (605) 352-1230.

Recruitment Items

Agency Log Sticker
Agency Mission and Logo Stickers - NRCS Helping People Help the Land - Size 3 x 11� inches.  Full color, peel-off backing.

Recruitment Items

Back Row (L-R)
NRCS Outreach Folder:
  A 9" x 12", 2-pocket folder.

USAJOBS - Come Work for America, or USAJOBS - Open the Door to a World of Opportunity:  These brochures are OPM publications.  The best opportunity is to direct those interested in Federal employment to the USAJOBS Web site at

Challenging Careers in the Natural Resources Conservation Service (PA 1634):  This 8" x 8" brochure gives career opportunities available in the conservation field.  It is a full-color, four-page fold out that lists basic information about all conservation careers; highlighting Soil Conservation, Rangeland Management, Biology, and Engineering.

Employment Opportunities in the Natural Resources Conservation Service:  A 3-3/4" x 8", full-color, tri-fold brochure with general employment opportunities with NRCS.  This publication includes information about special employment programs including Career Intern Program, Student Career Experience Program (SCEP), and Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP).

Front Row (L-R) (All available in limited numbers.)
Triangular, Three-Color Highlighter with NRCS Logo
Magnetic Refrigerator Clip with NRCS Logo

Pencil with NRCS Logo

Black and White Recruitment Brochure - This brochure contains links to NRCS Career Web sites and basic information about the agency.  Also has a brief overview of suggested college courses needed for NRCS positions.

Protecting the Nations Natural Resources - A brochure describing  the experiences of three Native American women from Kansas and South Dakota as they participated in NRCS recruiting programs.

Pop Up Displays

Vinyl sheet, 33" x 80".  These portable, retractable display panels come with various topics.

Banner Display - NRCS CareersBanner Display - We Help PeopleBanner Display - South Dakota Outdoors

1.  NRCS Has a Career for You.
2.  We Help People
3.  South Dakota Outdoors
4.  Soil Profile

Rainfall Simulator

The rainfall simulator is ready and available for use.  The simulator is designed to run indoors or out and provide an audience with "seeing is believing" information of soil water infiltration rates, and runoff on various tillage systems.  The simulator is capable of applying two to three inches of rain on up to five different simulated land treatments, say no-till verses conventional and has made a major impact on audiences yond and old.  In the last year, the simulator has been used at indoor conferences, outdoor classroom events and various field days and demonstrations.  A number of agronomist and soil scientists have been trained to use the simulator, so there is a number of potential presenters statewide.  For more information about the simulator, or to reserve it, please contact Jeff Hemenway at (605)352-1239, or Jeff McGuire at (605) 352-1228. 

Rainfall Simulator Photo Inside       

Table Top Display

Blue NRCS Tablecloth:  A nice addition to a tabletop display.  Average size fits 6'-8' table.

Careers Tabletop Display:  Careers information with photos of NRCS employees performing various jobs.

SWAPA (Soil, Water, Air, Plants, Animals and People) - Poster size; can be used as a center piece for table-top size display.  General size is 18” high x 30” long. Can be printed with or without District Conservation logo. Various photos of NRCS practices and employees can be added to fill space around SWAPA center piece.  Size can be custom printed for a special need.

Helping People Help the Land (NRCS Mission Statement) - Poster size; can be used as a center piece for table-top size display.  General size is 20 x 30 inches.  Montage of South Dakota (SD) photos enclosed in an outline of SD.  Photos consist of employees, fields, crops, etc.  Size can be custom printed for special need.

Natural Resources Conservation Programs and Practices - Poster size; can be used as a center piece for table-top size display.  General size is 30 x 40 inches.  Montage of SD photos enclosed in outline of SD.  Side bar is a list of NRCS conservation programs.

Energy Estimators - Made for table-top size display.  Three panels give brief summary of the capabilities of the three current energy estimators; Tillage, Nitrogen, and Irrigation.  This can stand alone, or be used as a backdrop when setting up a laptop computer linked to energy estimators for demonstrations.

Conservation Security Program (CSP) - This display is currently on hold until updated with FY07 watershed selections.  It is a table-top size display explaining the CSP program.  Watershed map of current watershed, showing the area of consideration.  Brief description of application process.

Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) Poster - Poster mounted on hardback foam core.  Size 30 x 40 inches.  General overview of WRP.  Descriptive "before and after" photos of a wetlands restoration project.

Floor Model Display

Cow and a Worm (What we can learn from a cow and a worm) - Made for a multiple floor-size display.  Can use any panels to create your own single floor-size display.  Brief description of the benefits worms provide to the soil, and all the uses (benefits) that cattle provide.  Commonly used with the soil (worm) tunnel as a backdrop.