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Civil Rights Advisory Committee

South Dakota Civil Rights Advisory Committee

Members Office Telephone Fax
Holly Hatlewick, Chairperson (Central Area) Leola Field Office 605-439-3336 605-439-3127
Joy Cordier-Jensen, Vice-Chair (At Large) Brookings Field Support Office 605-692-2344 605-697-5374
Deron Ruesch, (East Area) Sioux Falls Field Office 605-330-4515 605-330-4517
Kaytee Todoroff, (At-Large) Flandreau Field Office 605-997-2949 605-997-5132
Bobbie Davis, (West Area) Rapid City Field Support Office 605-342-0301 605-343-6310
Jessica Michalski (State Office) Clark Field Office 605-532-3686 605-532-3951
Lynsee Planting, FWPM Madison Field Office 605-256-6674 605-256-2007
Mary Scott, AIANPM* Rosebud Sioux Tribal Office 605-856-4174 605-856-4178
Matthew Cavenee, HEPM* Burke Field Office 605-775-9122 605-775-2783
April Boltjes, BEPM* Pierre Field Office 605-224-8870 605-224-6689
Thomas Tran, AAPIPM* Sisseton Field Office 605-698-7639 605-698-3561
Dennis Larson, DEPM* Brookings Field Support Office 605-692-2344 605-697-5374
Katrina Wilke, LGBT* MLRA Soil Survey Office
Rapid City Field Support Office
605-342-0301 605-348-8686
John Bender, VEP Kennebec Field Office 605-869-2216 605-869-2205
Vickie Blindauer Advisor Huron State Office 605-352-1207 605-352-1270
Denise Gauer, Advisor Huron State Office 605-352-1243 605-352-1270
Gretchen Wagendorf, Advisor Huron State Office 605-352-1200 605-352-1270
Kathy Irving, Advisor Huron State Office 605-352-1205 605-352-1270

* = Special Emphasis Program Managers

  • AIANPM = American Indian/Alaska Native Program Manager
  • FWPM = Federal Women's Program Manager
  • HEPM = Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager
  • BEPM = Black Emphasis Program Manager
  • AAPIPM = Asian American/Pacific Islander Program Manager
  • DEPM = Disabilities Employment Program Manager
  • LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Program Manager
  • VEP = Veterans Emphasis Program Manager

Civil Rights Officer and Liaison

  • Jeffrey J. Zimprich - Acting Deputy Civil Rights Officer (DCRO)
  • Gretchen Wagendorf - Civil Rights Liaison for DCRO

Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

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Bylaws of the Civil Rights South Dakota Advisory Committee (128 KB)

Civil Rights Committee Plan of Operations (1.03 KB)

Civil Rights Compliance Guide (838 KB)