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EEO Posters

South Dakota NRCS Posters and Bulletin Board Materials

The documents below require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Item Type Available at:
And Justice for All  Form AD-475A
Civil Rights Policy Statement  Memo
EEO - Equal Employment Opportunity Program Poster
EEO is the Law   Form AD-1181
E-Verify Participation Poster - English Version  Poster
E-Verify Participation Poster - Spanish Version  Poster
FLSA/Minimum Wage   Poster 
OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Protection Poster
Prohibited Personnel Practices Poster
Prohibited Weapons Poster
Right to Work Poster - English Version  Poster
Right to Work Poster - Spanish Version  Poster
Sexual Harassment Poster
Sexual Harassment is Illegal    Form AD-1085
USDA Hotline Poster
Whistleblower Poster
Whistleblower Retaliation Poster
Workplace Violence Poster

Item Type Available at:
A New Civil Rights Era for USDA  Memo
Check Your Withholdings Poster
Code of Ethics Poster
Drug Free Workplace Poster
EAP - Employee Assistance Program Poster
Earned Income Credit Poster
EEO is the Law Poster
FMLA - Family Medical Leave Act Form WH
Hatch Act and Federal Employees Poster
Job Safety & Health - It's the Law Poster
Notice to Workers with Disabilities Poster
Occupational Safety and Health Protection for USDA Employees Poster
Office of Workman's Comp/DFEC Poster
Sexual Harassment Policy Memo
Unemployment Insurance Poster

National Civil Rights Page - Required Posters: