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Certification Information, Regulations and Planning Tools for Comprehensive Nutr

Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMPs) - Links toCertification Information, Regulations and Planning Tools

Certification Requirements - USDA-NRCS Policy Requirements for CNMPs

Certification Courses 

Specific courses are required for certification as a TSP for variousCNMP elements.  These courses are provided by the USDA-NRCS NationalEmployee Development Center (NEDC).  All require online registration. Some of the courses can be completed online while others require more extensivework.  USDA eAuthentication is required for accessing NEDC courses. You may obtain an eAuthentication online at

South Carolina Animal Agriculture Regulations

Tools that can be used to develop a CNMP in South Carolina

  • Animal Waste Management (AWM) - A planning/design tool foranimal feeding operations that can be used to estimate the production of manure,bedding, process water and determine the size of storage/treatment facilities.The procedures and calculations used in AWM are based on the USDA-NRCSAgricultural Waste Management Field Handbook.

  • AFOPro - AFOPro is a standalone nutrient managementplanning tool, with optional connections to GIS (ArcView, Customer ServiceToolkit, SNMP) and the NRCS’s AWM engineering software. The applicationautomates manure allocation decisions based on form source, timing, method ofapplication, time to incorporation and nutrient risk associated with the field.The design architecture is open and it is readily adaptable to different statecrop, nutrient risk and Nitrogen accounting requirements.

  • CNMP Template - This template incorporates allCNMP requirements from NRCS standards and policies found in the ComprehensiveNutrient Management Plan Technical Guidance which includes the NRCS GeneralManual Title 190 part 402, the Nutrient management (590) and Waste Utilization(633) standards. It also has an Executive Summary to highlight importantinformation for the producer, as well as, a cross reference to South CarolinaRegulation 61-43: Permitting of Animal Agricultural Facilities.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Sabrenna Bryant at 803-765-5419. 

  • The following documents require Microsoft Excel.

    CNMP Checklist (XLS; 139 KB)--A tool to use in determining if a plan meets CNMP criteria.  All items on the checklist must be included or justification given as to why it is not needed.
    CNMP Producer Checklist (XLS; 975 KB)--A tool for a producer to gather all applicable information in order to develop a CNMP.  This list is not all inclusive.  Other information may be required.

Finding the South Carolina Phosphorus Index  


Site for other training for TSPs

  • CNMP Certification Course from IowaState University.  A complete training and certification course to become certified in allCNMP elements.  Various elements require specific certifications whichcannot be obtained through the course such as professional engineering licensewhich must be obtained throughout the state in which you are practicing.


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