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Draft Standards and Job Sheets for Review

Drafts Standards and Job Sheets for Review


NRCS in South Carolina is responsible for revising conservation practicestandards as needed to meet the conditions and needs of South Carolina. All current standards are available in Section IV of the Field Office TechnicalGuide (FOTG).  NRCS in South Carolina may revise the standard to be morerigorous than the national NRCS standard (as found in the National Handbook ofConservation Practices), if applicable, to address state conditions.  NRCSpractice standards in the South Carolina FOTG are revised when (1) the nationalstandard is revised, or (2) whenever it is determined that the current standardis not adequate to meet the practice purpose.

This page contains draft practice standards and job sheets that are proposedfor revision.  There is a formally defined Technical Guide Committee inSouth Carolina that solicits input from NRCS, partnership, other agency staff,and interested individuals.  Although this committee has a formalresponsibility to provide input on proposed revisions, any interested individual or party may comment on any proposed standard posted at this site.  Comments should be submitted in writing via email or sent to the address below:

Evelyn Whitesides, State Resource Conservationist
1835 Assembly St., Room 950
Columbia, SC  29201
(803) 765-5685

Current standards under revision:

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Sabrenna Bryant at 803-765-5419. 

The following documents require AdobeAcrobat.

Silvopasture Establishment (381)  (PDF; 47 KB)
Fence Standard (382)  (PDF; 18 KB)

Current job sheets under revision: