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Natural Resource Concerns in South Carolina

Natural Resource Concerns in South Carolina


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Grazing cows featured on the front cover of This publication is a summary of natural resource concerns in South Carolina.  The perspective of natural resource concerns is more specifically, but not exclusively, in relation to agricultural activities in the state.

This publication is arranged to address the themes articulated in the United States of Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service Strategic Plan of 2005-2010, Productive Lands, Healthy Environment (USDA-NRCS 2006).  The Strategic Plan addresses the following NRCS Mission Goals, namely:

1. High-quality, Productive soils
2. Clean and Abundant Water
3. Healthy Plant and Animal Communities
4. Clean Air
5. An Adequate Energy Supply
6. Working Farm and Ranch Lands

According to the NRCS, "The Strategic plan sets the direction for NRCS and describes conservation priorities and goals.  Bold, forward-looking, and far-reaching, this plan challenges us to reformulate some past approaches and develop and adopt new approaches.  This plan will guide NRCS in implementing key overarching strategies, managing agency business lines, meeting customer needs, and developing and strengthening capacity to achieve our mission goals." (USDA-NRCS 2006)



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Natural Resource Concerns in South Carolina  (PDF; 9 MB)