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Dirt Diaries with Dr. Buz Kloot

As part of the national Unlock the Secrets in the Soil campaign, Dr. Robin Kloot, Research Associate Prof. Earth Sciences and Resources Institute, University of South Carolina, better known as “Buz”, is creating soil health science in a minute (or two) videos based on interviews he conduct with top ag. researchers and farmers from around the country.

Buz has invited us to join along his adventures by creating a video blog, also known as “Soil Trek: 2013”.

The link below will allow you to follow Buz as he visit over 13 different soil health experts from North Carolina to North Dakota and various stops in-between. He started at a student organic farm in Clemson, SC, then on to NC State University, and then Virginia.

If you enjoy what Buz is doing, show him a little love by emailing him at Check back and visit his video blog at the link below for daily updates on his road trip. Enjoy!