Savannah Watershed Team

Savannah Watershed in South Carolina.


Savannah Watershed Team

Supervisory District Conservationist Mike Banks




Abbeville County
Field Office (serves McCormick County)
County Agricultural Building
394 Hwy 28 Bypass
Abbeville, SC 29620
Phone: (864) 459-5419/Fax: (864) 459-4467

Frank W. Love, District Conservationist

Matthew Brown, Soil Conservation Technician
Ext. 107

Bridgett Barber, District Coordinator
Ext. 101

Anderson County
Field Office
1521 Pearman Dairy Road
Anderson, SC 29625
Phone: (864) 224-2126/Fax: (864) 224-8914

Mike Banks, Supervisory District Conservationist
Ext. 108/Cell: (864) 933-4878

Ross Stewart, District Conservationist (serves Pickens County)
Cell: (864) 230-0180

Josh Boatwright, Soil Conservationist
Ext. 112

Robby Holcombe, Soil Conservation Technician-Savannah Watershed
Ext. 110/Cell: (864) 933-4872

Eddie Martin, Field Engineer
Ext. 109/Cell: (864) 933-4856
(Serves Saluda and Savannah Watersheds)

Pamela Richey, District Coordinator
(864) 224-2126/ ext. 101

Vacant,  Administrative Assistant

Greenwood County
Field Office
115 Enterprise Court, Suite A-1
Greenwood, SC 29649
Phone: (864) 229-3004/Fax: (864) 229-2845

Brian Stoddard, District Conservationist
Ext. 101/Cell: (864) 980-9970

Mary Hill, Administrative Assistant
Ext. 100

McCormick County
McCormick SWCD Office
610 S. Mine St.
McCormick, SC 29835
PHONE: 864-852-2594

Phyllis Albert, District Clerk

Oconee County
Field Office
301 West South Broad Street
Walhalla, SC 29691
Phone: (864) 638-2213/Fax: (864) 718-7750

Heather Ramey, District Conservationist
Ext. 103/Cell: (864) 903-4290

Jason McCay, Soil Conservation Technician
Ext. 104

Eddie Martin, District Manager
Ext. 101

Pickens County
Pickens SWCD Office (served by Anderson County, however, an NRCS District Conservationist is available in the Pickens SWCD office to provide assistance to landowners. See contact info. below)
144 McDaniel Ave.
PO Box  245
Pickens, SC 29671
Phone: (864) 878-6155/Fax: (864) 878-5781

Ross Stewart, District Conservationist
Cell: (864) 230-0180

Aimee Brown, Office Manager