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1890's and Oureach Liasion

South Carolina's Outreach Program

"Making a Difference in Program Delivery throughout the Palmetto State"

Outreach is a way of conducting business at South Carolina NRCS. It ensures that underserved individuals and groups throughout the United States and its territories, including South Carolina, are made aware, understand, and have a working knowledge of USDA programs and services. Outreach will ensure that these programs and services are equitable and made accessible to all.

To provide services to all people in a manner that improves their understanding of USDA programs and services, increases their participation in USDA programs, and encourages them to participate in resource planning and the decision making process.

This will be accomplished by:

-Providing information on USDA programs and services to all groups.
-Gaining the trust and acceptance of underserved individuals and groups.
-Assisting underserved individuals and groups with identifying their natural resource concerns. Providing them with technical and financial assistance available from USDA, partners, and other agencies or organizations that would help them improve their land and/or communities.
-Providing assistance in understanding programs, how to use programs, and completing forms.
-Developing partnerships to assist with reaching underserved customers.

Participants of forestry workshops.SC NRCS assisted in hosting two forestry workshops for minority farmers throughout South Carolina. Participants learned about best management practices, land loss and timber theft prevention, as well as estate planning, and Farm Bill program assistance.




Other Information

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact Sabrenna Bryant at 803-765-5419. 

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 2009 South Carolina Outreach Plan  (PDF; 46 KB)

Helpful Links

NEW!South Carolina State Outreach Council-- The Council works to provide coordinated outreach efforts to all USDA customers in South Carolina, especially those that have historically been under served within the State.

Outdoors Without Limits -- Leader in a nationwide effort to pull together communities committed to helping reduce the barriers that prevent disabled people from enjoying the great outdoors. 

Outreach Fact Sheet Information 

For more information on enhancing outreach and program delivery in your county, contact:

Amy M. Overstreet,
Public Affairs Specialist and State Outreach Coordinator & 1890’s Liaison
(803) 765-5402

Elyse Benson
Outreach Coordinator
(864) 229-2174, ext. 104

Sabrenna Bryant
Public Affairs Specialist
(803) 765-5419