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Rhode Island State Technical Team Meeting Notes Sept 2011

January 12, 2012
USDA Conference Room
Warwick, RI

Attending:  Michael Moorman (NRCS), Joseph Bachand (NRCS), Michael Kenyon (NRCS), Jade Nield (NRCS), Eric Boettger (NRCS), Nicole Bernier (NRCS), R. Phou Vongkhamdy (NRCS), Marilu Soileau (FSA), Paul Brule (FSA), Paul Boisvert, Eric Scherer (SRICD), Tom Abbott (DEM), Dick Went (NRICD), Jane Lynch (NRICD), Gina DeMarco (NRICD), John O´┐ŻBrien (TNC), Heather Faubert (URI), Rick Pace (Eco Assetts), Bruce Payton (DEM), Elizabeth Scott (DEM), Jean Lynch (NRICD), Kira Jacobs (EPA), & Stephen Grenier of North Kingstown.

Introductions, Review Agenda, and Opening Comments

Phou welcomed everyone and thanked all who are in attendance.

Environmental Protection Agency - Source Water Protection Program
Kira Jacobs - Boston, MA

  • Kira has been with EPA for 15 years
  • She works with municipalities
  • EPA and many other agencies (including USDA) got together in 06 and developed the Source Water Collaborative
  • Handouts were given out

It appears that NRCS, DEM, Conservation Districts are interested in this collaborative effort.

Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program

5 projects have been approved

  • Pawtucket - 2 projects
  • Coventry - 1 project
  • Pocasset and Wood-Pawcatuck Rivers for debris removal

Total funding for these projects is 6.5mil (TA & FA)
NRCS has not received any funding yet.

Farm Bill Programs

National Water Quality Initiative

  • NRCS must move on this quickly and needs to decide on which watershed project to concentrate on.
  • Kira Jacobs mentioned she heard that the initiative came out already.

National Energy Initiative

  • Rhode Island was planning to do this locally but NHQ decided that it would be a national initiative.

Easement Programs Update


  • Farm and Ranchlands Protection Program (FRPP)
  • Closed 3 parcels in December
  • Closed on 8 parcels throughout 2011
  • Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP)
  • Appraisals came in for 3 parcels

Grasslands Reserve Program (GRP)

  • We have approximately 50 acres total in RI that NRCS is looking to obligate in 2012
  • We developed a list of NRCS Stewardship Lands that requires monitoring. Circular 21 reviewed and monitoring activities are underway. Circular 21 indicates the need to have monitored 25% of the Stewardship Lands by December 31, 2011, which was completed.

Technical Assistance

We are working on Notice 153 (due April 7, 2012)
Notice 154 is due in May
Notice 155 is due in November

FY12 Financial Assistance Programs

On February 1, 2012 the first ranking should be complete for FRPP
We have not received the WHIP money yet for this year. NHQ is deciding what endangered species will be targeted in WHIP agreements. The New England Cottontail will more than likely be included for RI.
AMA is used to help new farmers, urban farms, and small farms for irrigation systems. We typically do not receive a large amount of money for AMA.

Partnership Reports

Heather Faubert, URI
Holistic Management Training, East Farm
January 20, 2012 from 8a to 4p

Next meeting: Thursday, March 15, 2012 (9:30AM - 12 Noon).


The following documents require Acrobat Reader


Meeting Documents


Presentation Handouts

RI Bristol EQIP 200812 Energy Initiative

RI Bristol EQIP 20018 Forestry Initiative

State Technical Team Program Easements Reports