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News Release

NRCS Assistance for Agricultural Land Impacted by the March 2010 Floods

NRCS Assistance for Agricultural Land Impacted by the March 2010 Floods

The recent record rainfall events during March 2010 in Rhode Island caused extensive flooding throughout the State. These events may have resulted in property damage as well as damage to conservation practices previously installed with USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) assistance.

If the storm events caused damage to an existing conservation practice on your property or created new damage, please contact our office for assistance at the number below. If a site is eligible, NRCS has funding available for repairs to these damaged conservation practices.

NRCS provides technical and financial assistance to landowners and operators for reapplication of failed conservation practices as well for new damage that may have occurred to agricultural lands. Conservation practices that may have been impacted include but are not limited to the following: Manure and Agricultural Waste Management; Irrigation Water Management Systems; Grazing Management Systems; Waterways; Terraces; Diversions; and/or Soil Erosion.

As a landowner or operator, you must contact our office as soon as possible and submit a request for assistance. Our office hopes to respond to all requests within 60 days of the natural disaster occurrence. Your request must include a statement on information pertaining to the natural disaster including the nature, location, and scope of the problems. Photos showing the extent of the damage are recommended. The requests for assistance should be sent to our office address:

USDA � Natural Resources Conservation Service
60 Quaker Lane, Suite 46
Warwick, RI 02886
Phone: 401-822-8821
Fax: 401-828-0433


Additional assistance on flood related issues is available from the following organizations:


Farm Service Administration (FSA)�401-828-8232

If you are reporting loss of livestock, you will want to contact Paul Brule with FSA. You will need to provide proof of said livestock.  Verification from the state vet, for example, is acceptable.

The Conservation Districts�401-949-1480

If you are reporting the stream bank damage, blocked waterways, etc. on NON-AG land, you will need to contact your local Conservation
District. The number above will connect you with the central office who will refer the matter to the appropriate district. Nonagricultural land concernsCANNOT be reported from a landowner directly to NRCS. Sponsorship is required, and the Conservation Districts have agreed to serve assponsor for this purpose.

Rural Development (RD)�401-826-0842

For all issues related to drinking water or waste water, contact Rural Development. (The exception would be if the water issue is related to an existing NRCS practice, e.g. a compromised manure storage area.)

Small Business Administration�401-528-4561

There will be situations that do not qualify for federal funds but require a cash outlay not available at this time of year. The Small Business Administration has VERY low-rate loans to help cover the cost of operating supplies, etc. not covered under other programs. Farms are small businesses, so be sure to contact them if needed.