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Jayuya School Students Learn About Healthy Soils

NRCS Utuado & Soils staff conduct outreach at Jayuya Elementary School - April 2014As part of the NRCS Caribbean Area’s conservation outreach and education efforts, NRCS employees from the Mayaguez MLRA (Major Land Resource Area) Soil Survey Office and the Utuado Field Office delivered a Soil Health presentation to a group of 4th, 5th and 6th grade students from the Miguel A. Sastre Elementary School in Jayuya, Puerto Rico.

The activity was held on March 21, 2014 during the school’s 3rd annual “Muevete y Gana Salud” (Move and Win Health) event, which teaches children about the importance of a healthy lifestyle including exercise and eating well. The event was sponsored by the Extension Service 4-H program, and this year’s highlight was the inauguration of a People’s Garden at the school.

NRCS staff presented a profile display of the 10 soil orders found on Puerto Rico, teaching the students about the diversity of the islands’ soils, their formation and origin, the importance of having healthy soils, and how to protect this natural resource using conservation practices. The students were also able to create their own soil mini-profiles and feel the difference between sand, silt & clay soil textures. Teachers and students found this classroom activity very fun, interactive and educational!


  • Utuado District Conservationist, Israel Vega, 787-894-1480 x.111 
  • MLRA Soil Survey Leader, Manuel Matos, 787-831-3421 x.108
  • MLRA Soil Scientist, Samuel Rios, 787-831-3421 x.109