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Guánica - Río Loco Watershed Project

blue tang and coral reef in Guanica Bay.The Río Loco Watershed Project (RLWP) began in 2009 as a multiagency effort to support the USCRTF Local Action Strategies (LAS) as identified in the Guánica Bay Watershed Management Plan. NRCS work seeks to address LAS at Río Loco related to land based sources of pollution by reducing loss of coral reef cover through the promotion and application of integrated watershed and land use management practices on agricultural lands.

Grazing land in Upper Rio Loco Watershed.Two life zones are present within the watershed, the Subtropical Dry Forest and the Subtropical Moist Forest. Both life zones provide important habitat for aquatic fauna; and habitat for approximately 15 federally listed species, two delisted species, two candidate species, and migratory birds. Working with private landowners within the Río Loco Watershed, principally agricultural lands and riparian ecosystems, is vital to maintain ecological functions and values of the watershed system and the species.

Debris and erosion in Rio Loco watershed.NRCS objectives support application of conservation practices to overcome detrimental effects that agricultural lands may have on coastal waters and associated habitats and ultimately, to coral reefs. NRCS will provide technical and financial assistance to eligible land stewards on eligible lands to improve soil conditions and water quality impaired by nonpoint source pollutants, as well as increase the efficiency of water management for agricultural purposes.

The conservation objectives of the Río Loco Watershed Project will be addressed though the execution of 2008 Farm Bill conservation programs in partnership with federal, state and local agencies and the support of local NGOs. Over $2,168,696 in assistance will be devoted to implementation of projects on private lands through technical assistance, Environmental Quality Incentive Program (EQIP), and Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP). This collaborative use of Farm Bill conservation programs funds will be obligated in fiscal year 2010. If you are a landowner or operator who is located in the Río Loco Watershed and interested in financial assistance programs, please contact your local NRCS office for more information.

Photos of construction of Irrigation Pond #3 in August 2012

photo of irrigation pond #3 under construction photo of irrigation pond #3 under construction photo of irrigation pond #3 under construction
photo of irrigation pond #3 under construction photo of irrigation pond #3 under construction photo of irrigation pond #3 under construction

This pond is one of four 4-acre ponds being built as part of the Guánica / Rio Loco project. The pond will collect water from Rio Loco dam to irrigate approximately 2,000 acres of farmland in the Guánica Valley. The use of Rio Loco Dam as a water source will reduce the use of well water from the south aquifer, allowing the aquifer to replenish and recharge. Historically, Rio Loco Dam was the principal water source for Puerto Rico's entire southwest agricultural valley at the time when sugarcane was the primary cash crop. With this project, NRCS is reactivating one of the most important water supplies on the island and increasing water storage for agricultural use.

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