Conservation Districts

Map of Puerto Rico Soil & Water Conservation Districts and the counties they serve

Puerto Rico Soil & Water Conservation Conservation Districts (SWCDs)

  • Distrito Atlántico
  • Distrito Caonillas
  • Distrito Caribe
  • Distrito Cibuco
  • Distrito Culebrinas
  • Distrito Este
  • Distrito Noreste
  • Distrito Noroeste
  • Distrito Norte
  • Distrito Oeste
  • Distrito San Juan
  • Distrito Sudeste
  • Distrito Sur
  • Distrito Suroeste
  • Distrito Torrecillas
  • Distrito Torito
  • Distrito Turabo
  • Map of Soil & Water Conservation Districts (SWCD) of Puerto Rico (PDF, 131KB)

Puerto Rico SWCD News

Virgin Islands Conservation District

The Virgin Islands Conservation District (VICD) is currently in transition; more information will be provided at a later date.

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