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NRCS Shares 'Secrets of the Soil' with Agro-Ecology Students

NRCS Shares 'Secrets of the Soil' with Agro-Ecology Students

The NRCS Caribbean MLRA (Major Land Resource Areas) Soil Survey Office interacted with over 200 students and community members during the Laura Mercado Agro-ecology School Educational Fair held May 3, 2013, in San Germán, PR. 

NRCS MLRA Soil Scientist, Samuel Rios, and Student Earth Team Volunteer, Juan Rodriguez, welcomed agro-ecology students and members of the public to the NRCS Soils booth where displays, educational materials, and brochures explained our Agency's mission and vision and the benefits of conservation. Visitors to the NRCS booth discovered the diversity of Caribbean Area Soils through a profile display of the 10 soil survey orders found in the islands.  Agro-ecology students and Poblado Rosario community members learned how to retrieve soil survey information from Web Soil Survey, and about the importance of protecting all our natural resources, including soils.

NRCS Helping People Help the Land and Soil Diversity Booths at the Agro-Ecological Educational Fair, Poblado Rosario, San German, Puerto Rico Juan Rodriguez, Earth Team Volunteer teaching students about the diversity of soils in the Caribbean Area

For more information on the NRCS Caribbean Area Soils Program, visit, contact Carmen Santiago at 787-766-5206 x. 127 or, or contact the Mayagüez MLRA Soil Survey office at 787-831-3416 x. 108 or x. 109, or or