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NRCS Caribbean Area staff host Regional Conservationist, James Tillman

RC Tillman receives engineering overview of Guanica Bay project from staff-051314
NRCS Regional Conservationist, James Tillman, received an overview of the Coral Reef Initiative work conducted in the Guánica watershed from Assistant State Conservationist Fernando Arroyo (speaking), during his May 13th visit to Guánica / Río Loco project sites in southwest PR.

The NRCS Caribbean Area was proud to host the visit of NRCS Regional Conservationist (RC), James Tillman, from May 12-16, 2014! NRCS staff led RC Tillman on a whirlwind tour of project sites throughout Puerto Rico during his week-long visit.

RC Tillman had the opportunity to meet with partners and farmers, and to visit many conservation sites. But he was most pleased to meet all of our Caribbean Area staff.

From his arrival on Monday, May 12th, in San Juan, RC Tillman toured Santa Isabel, Guánica, Mayagüez, St. Croix (via videoteleconference), Coloso, San Sebastián, and then returned to San Juan on Thursday.

During that time, he visited the:

  • Soil & Water Conservation Districts,
  • Santa Isabel watershed protection engineering site (drainage & irrigation),
  • Guánica Lower Valley & Río Loco watershed project locations,
  • Papaya, pineapple, avocado, citrus, onion, hay and dairy farms (EQIP success stories),
  • Mayagüez Field Office & People's Garden,
  • USDA Tropical Agriculture Research Station (TARS),
  • Proposed sugar cane production site in the Coloso watershed,
  • San Sebastián Field Office,
  • “Hacienda Ramírez” coffee farm
  • Poultry and dairy energy audit farms
  • NRCS State Office, and
  • EPA and other partners (FWS, local government agencies)
Photos of USDA-NRCS Regional Conservationist, James Tillman's, Caribbean Area visit
RC Tillman receives engineering overview of Santa Isabel project from staff-051314 Juana Diaz DC Nicis Vega, RC Tillman & Eng. Collazo visit Santa Isabel sediment pond-051314 RC Tillman visits Santa Isabel mango orchard with Field Offices staff-051314
Tuesday, May 13, RC Tillman toured South Aquifer Watershed Project sites in Santa Isabel, PR. Photos left to right: 1) RC Tillman receives an engineering briefing about the Santa Isabel project; 2) Juana Diaz DC, Nicis Vega, RC Tillman & Eng. Rolando Collazo visit a sediment pond in Santa Isabel; and 3) RC Tillman (2nd from right) visits a mango orchard with SC Zahira Vega (left), SC Anibal Velazquez, (2nd from left) and DC José Santiago (right).
RC Tillman & Director Almodovar plant Mayaguez Peoples Garden with FO & ECS staff-051414 RC Tillman & Director Almodovar plant Mayaguez Peoples Garden with FO & ECS staff-051414 RC Tillman (right) swaps garden stories with MLRA Leader Matos & Plants Specialist, Edwin Mas-05141
Wednesday morning, May 14, RC Tillman visited the NRCS Mayagüez Service Center and helped plant seedlings in the Mayagüez People's Garden. From left to right: 1) RC Tillman joins staff members Manuel Matos (left), Raquel Robledo (center), Zulma García (2nd from right) and Director Edwin Almodóvar (right) planting in the People's Garden; 2) RC Tillman (right), Director Almodóvar (left), Edwin Más (2nd from left) and Manuel Matos (2nd from right), plant cilantro; and 3) MLRA Leader, Manuel Matos (left), Plant Materials Specialist, Edwin Más (center) and RC Tillman take a break from digging.
RC Tillman (center) works in Mayaguez Peoples Garden with Director Almodovar (right) & Matos-051414 RC Tillman visits with St. Croix Field Office staff via video teleconference-051414-ad Director Almodovar, RC Tillman meet with Oeste SWCD & DC Zulma Garcia in Mayaguez Field Offic-051414
Photos left to right: 1) MLRA Leader, Manuel Matos (left), RC Tillman (center) and Director Almodóvar survey the People's Garden; 2) RC Tillman (foreground) visited with St. Croix Field Office staff and partners via video teleconference (VTC); and 3) Director Almodóvar (left), RC Tillman (2nd from left) & DC Zulma García (right) meet with Oeste SWCD member, Jenny Santiago, at Mayagüez Field Office on Wednesday, May 14.
RC Tillman and Director Almodovar visit San Sebastian Field Office-051414 RC Tillman visits coffee plantation in San Sebastian-051414 RC Tillman visits a plantain farm in San Sebastian-051414
RC Tillman visited the San Sebastián Field Office and local farms. Photos left to right: 1) RC Tillman at the San Sebastian Field Office; left to right: DC Elizabeth Fred, SC Javier Torres, SCT Harry Maldonado, RC Tillman, SC Michelle Catoni, and Director Edwin Almodóvar; 2) RC Tillman examines coffee (center) and plantain (right) production during his visit to a San Sebastián farm.
Director Almodovar gives RC Tillman a scroll memento of Puerto Rico-051514 Director Almodovar (left) and RC Tillman (center, back) meet with State Office staff-051514
Concluding his tour of Puerto Rico on Thursday, May 15th, RC Tillman visited the NRCS Caribbean Area State Office in San Juan and met with our State Office staff. Left: RC Tillman receives a scroll from Director Almodóvar as a reminder of his trip to Puerto Rico; Right: Director Almodóvar, State Soil Scientist Carmen Santiago, Resource Conservationist Ismael Matos, Human Resources Manager Elizabeth Hernández, RC Tillman, Administrative Assistant Nilda González, Engineer Hilton Miró, State Engineer Damaris Medina, and Assistant State Conservationist for Programs José Castro.

For details, please contact the Director's Office at 787-766-5206.