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Caribbean Area State Office Directory

TEL: 787-766-5206 654 Muñoz Rivera
Suite 604
Hato Rey, PR 00918-4123
PO Box 364868
San Juan, PR 00936-4868
 FAX: 1-855-415-2513
Position Name Employee's Name Phone Extension
Director's Office
State Conservationist* Edwin Almodóvar 115
Administrative Assistant Nilda González 116
Assistant State Conservationist for Programs José A. Castro 117
Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations Fernando Arroyo 120
Programs Staff
Program Specialist Manuel Ríos 124
Ecological Sciences & Planning Division
State Resource Conservationist Jaime Valentín 121
Biologist Marisol Morales 122
NRI Specialist Ismael Matos 128
Engineering Division
State Conservation Engineer Damaris Medina 125
Hydrology Engineer Hilton Miró 126
Soils Division
State Soil Scientist Carmen L. Santiago 127
Administrative Services Division
State Administrative Officer Jay Rodriguez 119
Budget Officer Orlando Negrón 130
Human Resources Manager** Elizabeth Hernández 129
Contracting Officer Oriel Vélez 133
Budget Analyst Guadalupe Torres 131
Support Services Specialist Luis A. Garcia 132

*FAX No. 855-415-2512
**FAX No. 855-415-2511


Nilda González, Administrative Assistant to the State Conservationist, 787-766-5206 x. 116