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Outreach to Underserved Clients

NRCS Caribbean Area Director, Edwin Almodóvar; OESTE SWCD President, Jenny Santiago; and NRCS Acting Associate Chief, Leonard Jordan, inaugurate the first NRCS Caribbean Area People's Garden.

The First Lady, Director Almodóvar, Dr. González and Dr. Comás plant seeds in La Fortaleza GardenThe Natural Resources Conservation Service in the Caribbean Area is committed to ensuring that its programs and services are accessible to all our customers, fairly and equitably, with emphasis on reaching beginning, underserved and socially-disadvantaged farmers and landowners. We develop our policies and programs to allow full participation by underserved individuals and groups. We also identify and address potential barriers that could prevent our underserved customers from full participation in our programs.

Outreach Summary: Fiscal Year 2014

In Fiscal Year 2014, we provided Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) to over 8,400 clients and media outreach to over 150,000 residents through over 1,330 separate activities and contacts.  Approximately 70% of the financial assistance distributed was provided to beginning, limited-resource and/or socially-disadvantaged farmers and 8% of our FY2014 Farm Bill participants were women, 1% were veterans and 94% were Hispanic.

Technical assistance and outreach was provided to clients this year through training workshops, onsite investigations and evaluations, conservation plans, technical consultations, advisory committees, newspaper and newsletter articles, radio appearances, conference presentations, public meetings, informational mailings and email blasts, outreach publications (factsheets, brochures, reports), posters and exhibits, the NRCS Caribbean Area website and Facebook page, Twitter, and personal contacts. A breakdown of our activities includes:

  • 896 Personal ContactsCIAPR’s President Rodriguez (right) visits the NRCS booth to listen in on the orientation NRCS staff delivered to Job Fair participants.
  • 31 Trainings & Workshops
  • 66 Public/Informational Meetings
  • 30 Newsletters, Brochures & Factsheets
  • 29 Newspaper Articles
  • 13 Youth Agriculture & Natural Resources Education & Outreach Presentations for over 930 students
  • 55 Conference & Fair Exhibits & Presentations
  • 12 Job Fairs or Training Workshops for over 1070 individuals, including over 750 veterans
  • 93 Public Notice Mailings & e-Blasts (GovDelivery) to over 1,460 recipients
  • 647 Social Media Notices & Announcements reaching over 1,100 clients

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