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Plant Guides Coordination

Plant Guides are a coordinated effort between the Plant Materials Program and the National Plant Data Center, with input from other cooperating organizations. For more information on this effort, contact Julie DePue, National Plant Materials Center at, 301-504-5098 or Gerry Moore, National Plant Data Center at, 336-370-3337.

Plant Guide Template and Guidelines

Contact the Norman A. Berg National Plant Materials Center if you are with another agency, and we can add your organization’s logo to the template header for your Plant Guide. 

  • Plant Guide Template (Word Template; 42 KB) Rev. Apr 2014
  • General Guidelines for Preparing Plant Guides (PDF; 399 KB) Rev. Feb. 2014
    This document provides guidance for the development and preparation of Plant Guides (PG). The Plant Materials Program, and specifically the National Plant Materials Center (NPMC), has overall responsibility for coordination of this effort.

If you encounter any problems with the files provided on this page, please contact the PM Program Webmaster at 520-292-2999 Ext. 112.