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Ecological Site Descriptions

Ecological Sites provide a consistent framework for classifying and describing rangeland and forestland soils and vegetation; thereby delineating land units that share similar capabilities to respond to management activities or disturbance.

Ecological Site Descriptions (ESDs) are reports that provide detailed information about a particular kind of land - a distinctive Ecological Site. 

ESDs provide land managers the information needed for evaluating the land as to suitability for various land-uses, capability to respond to different management activities or disturbance processes,  and ability to sustain productivity over the long term.

ESD information is presented in four major sections: 

  • Site Characteristics - physiographic, climate, soil, and water features
  • Plant Communities – plant species, vegetation states, and ecological dynamics
  • Site Interpretations – management alternatives for the site and its related resources
  • Supporting Information – relevant literature, information and data sources

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