PIA Soil Survey Data

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Pacific Islands Area Official Soil Survey Information

Pacific Islands Area official soil survey information consists of maps, text and tables. Links below will take you to both spatial and tabular data that can be downloaded to your computer. Reports based on the tabular data also can be viewed using an internet browser or downloaded from the Soil Data Mart. For Hawaii, the Web Soil Survey also provides interactive access to this a commonly used subset of this information.

Political Jurisdiction Soil Survey Area Spatial Data Tabular Data
American Samoa   Spatial Data Tabular Data
Commonwealth of the
Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)
Aguijan, Rota, Saipan, and
Spatial Data Tabular Data
  Agrigan, Almagan, Anatahan,
Pagan, and Sarigan (Northern
coming soon Tabular Data
Federated States of Micronesia Chuuk Spatial Data Tabular Data
  Kosrae Spatial Data Tabular Data
  Pohnpei Spatial Data Tabular Data
  Yap Spatial Data Tabular Data
Guam   Spatial Data Tabular Data
Hawaii Hawaii Island Spatial & Tabular Data
  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Spatial & Tabular Data
  Kahoolawe Spatial & Tabular Data
  Kauai Spatial & Tabular Data
  Lanai Spatial & Tabular Data
  Maui Spatial & Tabular Data
  Molokai Spatial & Tabular Data
  Oahu Spatial & Tabular Data
Republic of Palau   Spatial Data Tabular Data
Republic of the Marshall Islands   coming soon Tabular Data

Spatial Data - compressed file containing soil survey spatial data for geographic information system software. Links in this column will take you to the Soil Data Mart web site or the PIA-West ftp site as appropriate. Spatial data from Soil Data Mart can be downloaded in a variety of formats and projections. Spatial data from the PIA-West ftp site is only available as an ArcGIS geodatabase projected in WGS84.

Tabular Data – compressed file of tables containing soil properties and interpretations. Links in this column will take you to the Soil Data Mart web site. The tabular data can be downloaded and imported into a Microsoft Access template file which is also available at the Soil Data Mart web site.