Conservation Innovation Grants

Conservation Innovation Grants

The purpose of CIG is to stimulate the development and adoption of innovative conservation approaches and technologies while leveraging the Federal investment in environmental enhancement and protection, in conjunction with agricultural production. CIG projects are expected to lead to the transfer of conservation technologies, management systems, and innovative approaches (such as market-based systems) into NRCS technical manuals, guides, and references or to the private sector. CIG does not fund research projects. It is a vehicle to stimulate the development and adoption of conservation approaches or technologies that have been studied sufficiently to indicate a likelihood of success, and to be candidates for eventual technology transfer or institutionalization. CIG funds projects targeting innovative on-the-ground conservation, including pilot projects and field demonstrations.

Highlights and Announcements

The deadline to submit the Pacific Islands Area CIG Pre- Proposals for FY15 will be announced at a later date. Full proposal packets can be found at or can be emailed to you by the CIG contact listed below.

Pacific Islands Competition

Approximately $200,000 will be available for proposals addressing one or more of the following CIG natural resource concern topics. The maximum award amount for any project will not exceed $75,000 in FY 2015. Topics include: Program Outreach and Conservation Technology to Historically Underserved Clients, Energy Conservation, Sustainable and Organic Agriculture, Preservation and Enhancement of Wildlife Habitat, Productivity and Environmental Health of Forestland, Soil Health and Soil Quality and Nutrient Management.

Pacific Islands Area Projects

Pacific Islands Area CIG Contact:

Nicola Giardina
Resource Conservationist/EQIP Manager
Phone: (808) 541-2600 x 155