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Information on Soils

Official Soil Survey Information

All Pacific Islands Area soil surveys are available on Web Soil Survey

Note:The Soil Data Viewer ArcGIS extension allows users to easily extract and display soil survey data and interpretations by linking spatial and tabular data.

Soil Health in PIAUnlock the Secrets in the Soil logo

Soil Information and Data (National Soil Survey Center)

Technical References


Please contact a Soil Scientist for more information or if you require soil survey assistance.

Tony Rolfes
Assistant Director for Soil Science and Natural Resource Assessments
Phone: (808) 541-2600 + 119

Amy Koch
GIS Specialist/Resource Soil Scientist
Phone: 808-933-8351

Bob Gavenda
Area Resource Soil Scientist
Phone: 671-300-8577

S.K. Worm