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Customer Service Toolkit 7

PIA Toolkit Guidance

  1. PIA Toolkit Assistance Protocol - 6/25/2015 (PDF; 91 KB) REVISED!
    1. Who to contact, levels of assistance and what information is needed to submit a support issue to the Area Toolkit Coordinators/State Toolkit Coordinator.
  2. Borrowing an ArcGIS Concurrent Use License for Off-Network Use - 6/12/2014 (PDF; 218 KB)
    1. Ever received a message that began with “ESRI license is not available”, “Provide your license server administrator with the following information”?  most ArcGIS and Toolkit users now have a concurrent use license which means that they need to be connected to the USDA network.  This guidance will show you how to check out a license so you can run ArcGIS without being on the network.
  3. NRCS Practices and their Geometry – 1/29/2015 (PDF; 32 KB)
    1. Listing on the type of geometry needed to digitize and attribute a practice.
      1. NRCS Practices and their Geometry - Practice Name Listing (PDF; 103 KB)
      2. NRCS Practices and their Geometry - Practice Code Listing (PDF; 102 KB)
  4. Customer File Organization - 6/1/2015 (PDF; 102 KB)
    1. Customer file directory structure, explains what should be filed in each folder in the Customer File Tab.
  5. PIA Naming Convention for Toolkit Folders and Consplans (Coming Soon)

Toolkit 7 Hints & Tips

  1. Verifying What Version of Toolkit 7.0 was Loaded on My Computer – 1/29/2014 (PDF; 38.6 KB)
    1. Determining the version of Toolkit 7 loaded on your computer.
  2. 7.1.21 Update Instructions – 3/31/2014 (PDF; 254 KB)
    1. Guidance on how to determine if Toolkit update 3 is installed on your computer and how to update it if it is not.
  3. Using the "Change/Add ArcGIS Template" Icon to Add A Customized Toolkit Template to Your Toolkit Folder - 4/9/2014 (PDF; 451 KB)
    1. Learn how to add a Custom Toolkit template to your client's Toolkit folder.
  4. Creating & Exporting Data Layers and Creating a Buffer in Toolkit - 5/6/2014 (PDF; 953 KB)
    1. Creating and exporting a data layer using the consplan layer; a portion of the Consplan layer as well as creating a buffer and locating the shapefiles that were exported.
  5. Contract Modifications in ProTracts/Toolkit - 2/17/2015 (PDF; 73 KB) 
    1. Guidance on how to:
      1. Remove a contracted land unit from ProTracts and Toolkit
      2. Modify a Toolkit land unit locked by ProTracts (includes splitting and land unit)
      3. Adding a New Item to A ProTracts Contract
      4. Deleting an item (practice) from a ProTracts contract
      5. Increasing/Reducing the extent of an item (practice) in a ProTracts Contract
      6. Changing Geometry of contracted practices in Toolkit
  6. Toolkit Warning "Your local geo database is busy being updated - 5/7/2015 (PDF; 73 KB) UPDATED!
    1. Answers questions on what to do and why you’re receiving this warning.
  7. Deleting Toolkit Folders and Plans & Modifying Plan Status Codes - 1/28/2015 (PDF; 661 KB) 
    1. Guidance on how to delete a Toolkit Folder and/or a Toolkit Consplan and How to Modify the Status of A Consplan.
    2. Task Guide 15 - Interim Customer Folder and Plan Status Codes (PDF; 689 KB)
  8. How To Use The Snipping Tool - 2/24/2015 (PDF; 746 KB) 
    1. Instructions on how to capture a screenshot or a portion of a document or email using the Snipping Tool!
  9. Refreshing the Personal Geodatabase - 5/29/2015 (PDF; 546 KB) NEW!
    1. Instructions on how to refresh the PGDB to fix various Toolkit errors.
  10. Zipping and Emailing the Personal Geodatabase - 5/29/2015 (PDF; 531 KB) NEW!
  11. Creating Customized Customer Folders in Toolkit – 6/2/2015 (PDF; 933 KB) NEW!
    1. Downloading and saving the “CustomerFolderStructure” text file to your hard to automatically create folders for ESA Compliance, Cultural Resources, Environmental Evaluation and Photos for each new Toolkit Folder you create.
  12. Refreshing the Domain Data - 6/2/2015 (PDF; 138 KB) NEW!
    1. Allows updates from the Conservation Practice Narrative (CPS) Web application (new practices, practice narrative updates, etc.) as well as the latest changes made to your domain data to be downloaded to your workstation.
    2. Refreshing the Domain Data should be completed at least once a month.

Toolkit 7 Fixes

  1. Clean-Up of .mdb File for Toolkit 7.0 – 2/4/2014 (PDF; 1.2 MB)
    1. Fix for “Toolkit error: ArcPortal is unable to fill table ’d_consplan_land_use_modifier’ from pgdb.” 
  2. Showing Hidden Files 04/06/2015 (PDF; 459 KB) Updated!
    1. Showing hidden files to perform various fixes in Toolkit.
  3. Deleting Orphaned Land Units from a Conservation Plan - 2/10/2014 (PDF; 55 KB)
  4. Check In Folder Issue Resolution - Toolkit Support - 2/27/2014 (PDF; 435 KB)
    1. Resolution for two errors: “An exception occurred in CheckInCustomerFolder.  -> Sequence contains no elements.“ and “An exception occurred in CheckInCustomerFolder.  -> Customer folder update failed”. 
  5. Deleting & Updating Customer Service Toolkit Preferences - 4/4/2014 (PDF; 1.1 MB)
    1. Fixes duplicate NRCS Land Uses and Programs in Toolkit Preferences.  May prevent issues when in checking in Land Units.
  6. Steps to Upgrade Geodatabase to version 10 and increase the precision of the data - 2/17/2015 (PDF; 277 KB) 
    1. Fix to help resolve some Toolkit check-in issues that occur due to the low-precision setting currently in the local GDBs.
    2. Link to script:  Toolkit 7 Fix #6 (Application/py; 3 KB) 
  7. Fix for Issues Accessing Toolkit and ProTracts Using LincPass Card - 6/4/2014 (PDF; 301 KB)

ArcGIS Tips & Tricks

  1. How to Load a File Geodatabase in Toolkit/ArcMap - 1/30/2014 (PDF; 202 KB)
    1. Supplement to Biology Tech Note 13 – “Candidate, Threatened, and Endangered Species Inventory”.  Explains how to add the newly created database to your map document.
  2. How to Use the C, T, & E Template - 5/8/2014 (PDF; 3.3 MB) 
    1. Guidance on how to use the CT&E (Critical, Threatened, & Endangered) Toolkit Template and customize it for your Area of Potential Effect (APE) or project area.

Toolkit 7 User Guides and Release Notes

  1. Toolkit 7.1 User Guide v2.8 - March 23, 2015 (PDF; 15.2 MB)

Toolkit 7 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. FAQs 2014-01-23 (PDF; 180 KB)
  2. FAQs 2014-02-07 (PDF; 311 KB)
  3. FAQs 2014-03-03 (PDF; 399 KB)