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Customer Service Toolkit

Customer Service Toolkit

Pacific Islands Area Toolkit Guidance

  1. Setting Toolkit Preferences - 10/31/2007 (PDF; 1.3 MB)
    • Creating a Toolkit Icon on Your Desktop
    • Customer Folder Tabs
      • Field Office Tab
      • Conservation District Tab
      • Practice Narratives Tab
      • GIS Tab
        • Default Map Projections
      • Choice Lists Tab
      • Custom County Data Management Tab
  2. Accessing Toolkit Online Help - 07/14/2008 (PDF; 573 KB)
    • Instructions on how to use Toolkit Online Help
    • Adding Toolkit Online Help to your Favorites
    • Using Toolkit Online Help OFFLINE
  3. Guidelines for Naming Toolkit Folders and Consplan Layers - East Area - 03/06/2012
    • Guidelines adopted by PIA Eastern Area on naming Toolkit Customer Folders and consplan layers.

Toolkit Hints/Tips

  1. Creating a Toolkit Icon on Your Desktop - 04/24/2006
  2. (PDF; 252 KB)
  3. Exporting Data Layers in Toolkit - 03/01/2007 (PDF; 1.16 MB)
    • Instructions to export shapefiles for ESA Compliance.
  4. Zoom to Plan vs Zoom to Layer - 02/09/2012 (PDF; 141 KB)
    • Avoiding error message "ArcMap has encountered a problem and needs to close–"
    • Using the "Zoom to Plan" button.
  5. Missing Toolkit Toolbar - 01/15/2009 (PDF; 1.45 MB)
    • Ever opened an ArcMap session and the Toolkit Toolbar was missing?
  6. Creating a 'Halo Effect' for text in ArcMap - 02/23/2009 (PDF; 308 KB)
    • Instructions on creating a halo effect to view dark text over dark imagery.
  7. Change/Add ArcGIS Template - 10/06/09 (PDF; 155 KB)
    • Instructions on updating your Toolkit template.
  8. Force Release NCPDB Folder Lock – 11/19/13 (PDF; 40 KB)
    • Instructions to force release folder lock on Toolkit Customer Folders from the National Conservation Planning Database
    • Toolkit User Basic All permissions required
  9. Utilizing Toolkit's "Advanced Search" Tool to locate Clients with Practices Scheduled in Current & Prior Years – 6/09/09 (PDF; 649 KB)
    • Locating clients with scheduled practices to contribute towards a specific performance measure.
  10. Locked Status on Toolkit Folders – 6/16/09 (PDF; 27 KB)
    • Instructions on locked status of Toolkit folders during contract modifications.
    • Recognizing if a Toolkit Folder is locked in ProTracts (contract modification) or the file is checked out in Toolkit.
  11. Configuring and Using NetMeeting – 6/16/09 (PDF; 269 KB)
    • Set up, configuration and utilizing NetMeeting features.
  12. Zipping and Encrypting Files with WinZip – 7/9/09 (PDF; 998 KB)
    • Creating, encrypting, emailing Zip files.
  13. Resizing Digital Photos for Toolkit Files, E-mail or Storage – 8/6/09 (PDF; 618 KB)
    • Using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to reduce digital files for Toolkit, emails and storage.
  14. Customized Customer Folders in Toolkit – 3/9/2010 (PDF; 552 KB)
    • Downloading and saving the CustomerFolderStructure text file to your hard drive.
  15. Customer File Organization – 8/30/2010 (HTML)
    • Filing structure in Toolkit.
  16. Toolkit and Geodata – 6/22/2010 (PDF; 132 KB)
    • Location of geodata on your C drive, using portable external drives to store data and adding geodata files from your C drive
  17. Restoring Inactive Soil Map and Inventory Tool - 07/01/2010 (PDF; 141 KB)
    • Activating an inactive Soil Map and Inventory Tool in Toolkit.
  18. Refreshing Domain Data - 11/01/2010 (PDF; 60 KB)
    • Allows updates from the Conservation Practice Narrative (CPS) Web application (new practices, practice narrative updates, etc.) as well as the latest changes made to your domain data to be downloaded to your workstation.
    • Refreshing the Domain Data should be completed at least once a month.
  19. Changing County or Endpoint - 11/01/2010 (PDF; 164 KB)
    • Toolkit Users with “Toolkit User Basic All” permissions can “change county” when Toolkit folders are inadvertently created in the wrong county or endpoint or when users are working on folders from another office.
  20. Adding the Soil Data Viewer icon to your ArcGIS Toolbar – 2/07/2011 (PDF; 394 KB)
  21. Toolkit Status Flag Definitions – 08/04/2011 (PDF; 163 KB)
  22. Blank Display Area in Toolkit after Adding A Layer in the View – 02/09/2012 (PDF; 143 KB)
  23. Deleting A Customer Folder or Consplan – 9/12/2012 (PDF; 81 KB)
  24. Renaming A Customer Folder - 09/20/2012 (PDF; 56 KB)

  26. Renaming a Consplan - 09/20/2012 (PDF; 58 KB)

Toolkit Issues and Resolutions

  1. Encrypting Toolkit Folders – 6/16/09 (PDF; 226 KB)
    • Error Message: “Cannot check-in; an unexpected error occurred when the account 'AGWEST\Thaddeus.W.Ucello' tried to copy from the local path "C:\Documents and Settings–”
    • Fix: Encrypt “My Customer Files Toolkit” folders
  2. Red Exclamation Mark Resolution – 6/16/09 (PDF; 174 KB)
    • Instructions for referencing your layers to the proper shapefiles so the RED EXCLAMATION MARKS doesn’t show up in your ArcMap projects.
  3. Toolkit Warning: “A data domain error has been encountered in domain data collection.” - 8/28/09 (PDF; 396 KB)
    • Instructions to fix reload domain data collection message.
  4. Toolkit Error: “Template PGDB does not exist.” - 11/28/11 (PDF; 290 KB)
    • Guidance on how to replace the missing template.
    • "Toolkitv50.mdb" (MDB; 1.5 MB)
  5. Missing CSG Guides on Practice Schedule Tab - 03/20/12 (HTML)
    • "CSG Fix" - Guidance on updating the Toolkit Practice Schedule Tab to reflect newest updates – removing Conservation System Guides.