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Local Registration Authority (LRA) – Hints & Tips

  1. Local Registration Authority Online Training (PDF; 1.2 MB) - 11/26/2012
  2. Introduction to LRA duties, validating a customer for Level 2 access, Updating your personal profile, training site.
  3. LRA Duties - Validating and Linking Level 2 Accounts (PDF; 2 MB) - 01/19/2012
  4. Guidance on how to validate their Level 2 account, adding the “Affiliate Role” to their Customer Account and binding eAuth Accounts in ID Link Manger for Affiliates so District employees can access Toolkit, ProTracts, PRS, etc.
  5.  LRA Customer Validation Log (XLSX; 14 KB) - 11/26/2012
  6. Local Registration Authorities for the Pacific Islands Area
  7. Find an LRA

LRA Information, Training, & Login

Link to Validate a Level 2