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Employee Vignette Antonette G. Tornito

Employee Vignette: Antonette G. Tornito | Pacific Islands Area

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Employee Vignette

Date: March 7, 2012

Antonette Tornito
Antonette G. Tornito
PIA West Area Office
Will be 10 years service, July 2012

Came on board as part-time RC&D secretary, enjoyed working with staff and customers of the RC&D program then. I took a challenge and transferred to SCS as a full-time secretary and to date, enjoying every minute of it. Assisting the Area office staff and not just the ADFO had given me a more broad experience of how the office function in the different expertise of staff I work with on a daily basis. My daily task is to keep the office running, making sure that there is ample supply, customers are being assisted, returning and follow-up phone calls are top, assisting in timekeeping and travel needs of staff and many behind the scenes. Lending a hand when needed to Field Offices is also part of my daily routine, whether it’s a meeting or farm visit. I participate in many of the Field Offices Outreach activities and not just for NRCS, but to promote the NRCS Earth Team Volunteer Program. I am the ETV Coordinator for PIA West Area, I assist offices in recruitments, applications and more.

On the personal side, married for 30 years come Dec 2012, I have two children (boys), former Navy and this June, a High School graduate and currently a part-time college freshman with the University of Guam.

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