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Employee Vignette Jackie Flores

Employee Vignette: Jackie Flores | Pacific Islands Area

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Employee Vignette

Featured Employee: Jackie Flores
Location: Mongmong, GU
Employee Job Title: Area Resource Conservationist
Date: January 2008

Jackie Flores
Jackie Flores
Mongmong, GU

Jackie Flores demonstrates an outstanding commitment to and understanding of the NRCS Farm Bill programs and complex Endangered Species Act (ESA) workload in the Pacific Islands West Area. With sparse heritage or legacy database information to support the development of ESA Section 7 letters for the Marianas (Guam and the CNMI), Jackie diligently and expertly applies her extensive technical knowledge, experience and local awareness to support this critical agency task. The diversity of tropical cropping systems and land owner objectives together with a the variable tropical soils, water and wildlife resource concerns(i.e. coral reef, nesting sea turtle, native and pollinators, fruit bats, endangered birds, etc.) all represent some of the most complex and least understood habitats in the American Pacific.

As we all know on team NRCS, no single employee does it all. And, Jackie understands this too. She works independently and diligently with other Pacific Island specialists and NRCS conservation partners to help her to gain new knowledge and experience. Jackie is a rising young star in our Agency. Her focus and dedication to her work supporting the NRCS conservation in the western Pacific is outstanding. Her drive to achieve and support excellence in the development and review of Pacific Islands Area planning support documents in support of the Agency mission, “helping people help the land” is paralleled only by her passion and love for her island home, Islas Marianas. She is an Outstanding NRCS Conservationist with eight years of service!

Updated 03-11-2008