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Forestry in the Islands

Forestry in the Islands

Forestry applications in tropical Pacific Island settings represent a unique blend of “classic” forest management principals with island traditions and needs.  Fundamental benefits such as watershed function, erosion control and invasive species control are addressed through objectives including native ecosystem restoration, wildlife enhancement, agroforestry and commercial plantations.  Though projects can span hundreds of acres, many of our Cooperators address forestry needs on sites less than five acres in size.  Join us for a look at some of our forestry/agroforestry management efforts!

Forestry in Pacific Islands Area

Misa and his Forestry.

Giving the Forest a Hand – Encouraging Forest Stewardship in American Samoa. Misatama West and his Forestry contract.

Students from a local elementary school participate in service learning activities.

Conservation Work Restores Habitats for At-Risk Wildlife and Plants on Molokai.

Forestry of the Islands.

Photo Gallery - Forestry of the Islands.