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State Technical Committee

The State Technical Committee (STC) provides advice on a wide variety of policy issues to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). Although State Technical Advisory Committees have no implementation or enforcement authority, USDA gives strong consideration to the Committee's recommendations.

What do they do?

Each State Technical Committee recommends criteria and guidelines for agricultural producers regarding new conservation practices and systems not already described in field office technical guide.

Who are the members of the PIA State Technical Committee?

When do they meet?

The STC meets quarterly. The meetings originate from various locations around the state. Efforts are underway to create greater accessibility and opportunities to participate in the STC meeting by utilizing net meeting software that allows participants to log on from their home or office computer, or attend at a designated NRCS field office where the meeting will be monitored. This system allows for two way audio communications, so questions can be asked and comments made by phone from any location logged into the net meeting bridge.

What are the rules that govern the STC?

More Information

For more information about the STC and their role, contact Nicola Giardina, EQIP Manager / Resources Conservationist at (808) 541-2600 ext. 155 or email at