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CRAC Committee Members

Pacific Islands Area CRAC Committee Members

The CRAC members serve as a vital communications link between employees and management. Employees can share their concerns on EEO issues, in turn the committee will offer feedback and recommendations to Pacific Islands Area leadership and management.

For more information, refer to 230-GM , Part 404, Sections 404.03 (a) (b); and 404.04 (a-f) for a complete outline of CRAC responsibilities.

Title Name Expiration of Term Phone Email
CRAC Chairperson Cheryl Morton September 2017 808-541-2600x105
Vice Chair Valerie Russell September 2017 808-541-2600x136
Civil Rights Advisor        
American Indian/Alaska Native Emphasis Program Manager Jay Doronila June 2015 670-233-3415x104
Asian Pacific Islander Program Manager Matt Wung April 2017 808-885-6602x106
Black Emphasis Program Manager Sharon Sawdey January 2018 011 (619) 320-5893
Disability Emphasis Program Manager Alicia Greene April 2017 808-933-8352
Federal Women's Program Manager Amy Koch January 2016 808-933-8351
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Emphasis Program Manager Valerie Russell September 2017 808-541-2600x136
Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager Kara Nelson November 2014 808-541-2600x121
Veteran's Emphasis Program Manager Michael Constantinides September 2017 808-541-2600x122
Special Emphasis Months
  • February - African American History Month
  • March - Women's History Month
  • May - Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month
  • September - Hispanic Heritage Month
  • October - National Disability Month
  • November - National American Indian Month