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Pennsylvania Addendums to Engineering Field Handbook

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(*) Some documents on this page will require Notepad to open.

EFH page 1-9a  Lenker Rods PDF 119KB
EFH page 1-9b,c  Direct Elevation Surveying PDF 280KB
EFH page 1-48.1  Figure 1-26.1 Marking Slope Stakes PDF 175KB
EFH page 2-14.A-N  County Rainfall Distributions Based on NOAA 14 PDF 154KB
  County   By County RF (*) 5 KB
  Type   By Type PA (*) 1 KB
EFH page 2-88(2)  Runoff CN for Vineyards PDF 140KB
EFH page 2-89  Tab 2-4, Ia Values for Runoff Curve Numbers PDF 140KB
EFH page 2i  Chapter 2 Table of Contents (2 pages) PDF 21KB
EFH page 3-94.1&2, Exhibit 3-12 a&b  Culvert Worksheets PDF 426KB
EFH page 3-106.1, Exhibit 3-18.1  Discharge from Drop Boxes PDF 575KB
EFH page 4-34a, Exhibit 4-2  General Relationship of Class. Soils PDF 369KB
EFH page 4-35-70  Supplement, Foundation Analysis for Structures PDF 12.5MB
EFH page 5-23.1 & p 5-24(Exhibit 5-1)  Orientation of Views and Map Scales PDF 448KB
EFH page 5-25, & 26, Exhibit 5-2  Map Symbols PDF 256KB
EFH page 5-27, a-c  Standard PA Drawings Link to Webpage  
EFH page 5-28  PA Design Guides Link to webpage
EFH page 5-29  PA Construction Guides Link to webpage
EFH page 5-30  PA Engineering Spreadsheets Link to webpage
EFH page 5-31  PA Fact Sheets Link to webpage
EFH page 6-42a&b, Exhibit A-19.14  Riser Inflow Curves, N Values PDF 923KB
EFH page 6-43, 43a, 43b, Figure 6-27(1-3)  Chart for Culvert Inlet Proportions and Head PDF 1.1MB
EFH page 6-91 (file after 6-91)  Design of Rock Chutes (15 pages) PDF 7.5MB
EFH page 7-14.1(old), Exhibit 7-4.1  WW D&B 0.25-2% PDF 189KB
EFH page 7-28.1(old), Exhibit 7-4.2  WW D&B 12-15% PDF 189KB
EFH page 7-28.2(old), Exhibit 7-5.1  WW D&C 0.25-2% PDF 491KB
EFH page 7-42.1(old), Exhibit 7-5.2  WW D&C 12-15% PDF 323KB
EFH page 7.45(old), Exhibit 7-7  Stone Center WW PDF 196KB
EFH page 8-101, Exhibit 8-4  Tile Design n=0.012 PDF 386KB
EFH page 8-102, Exhibit 8-5  Orifice Discharge PDF 442KB
EFH page 8-103, Exhibit 8-6  Tile Design n=0.015 PDF 256KB
EFH page 9-8  Corrections to Table 9-1 PDF 80KB
EFH page 9-14.5, Exhibit 9-0  Diversion D 0.25-2% 246KB
EFH page 9-14.11-16, Exhibit 9-1.1  Diversion 0.25-2% PDF 2.4MB
EFH page 9-16  Level Lip Spreader PDF 200KB
EFH page 9.20.5-.10, Exhibit 9-2.1  Diversion D&C 0.25-2% PDF 1.6MB
EFH page 11-54.1-37, Exhibit 111-2.1  Design Data for Vegetated Spillways PDF 14.5MB
EFH page 11-55C.1  Small Reservoir Routing PDF 160KB
EFH page 11-56.1-5, Exhibit 11-6.1  Earth Fill Volume Tables PDF 2.2MB
EFH page 11-61 to 11-64, Exhibit 11-8  Design of Emergency Spill PDF 2.1MB
EFH page 11-65  Design of Principle Spill PDF 82KB
EFH page 11-66&67  Sample Problems for Spillway Design PDF 46KB
EFH page 11-68, Exhibit 11-9  Temp Storage Routing Curves PDF 279KB
EFH page 11-69  Detention Time for Ponds PDF 832KB
EFH page 11-70&71  Sample Pond Sizing Designs PDF 94KB
EFH page 11-72&73, Exhibit 11-10  Outflow verses Detention Time PDF 1.1MB
EFH page 11.56 7-10, Exhibit 11-6.2  Excavation Tables for Dugout Ponds PDF 1.9MB
EFH page 12-50.1-12  Construction Guide for Well Decommissioning PDF 938KB
EFH page 14-28.1-2  Culvert Design PDF 34KB
EFH page 14-28.3  Figure 14-9.3, Design of Drainage Ditches PDF 154KB
EFH page 14-34.1  Figure 14-14.1, Ditch Design PDF 172KB
EFH page 14-44.1-13  Land Grading Methods PDF 316KB
EFH page 14-44.14-30  Computer Method of Plane Surface Design PDF 946KB
EFH page 14-76.1-2  Capacity of CMP Culverts PDF 109KB
EFH page 14-90.1-2, Exhibit 14-2.1  Acres Drained PDF 551KB
EFH page 14-92.1-7, Exhibit 14-4.1 to 14-4.5  Culvert Charts PDF 2.3MB
EFH page 14-104.1-42, Exhibit 14-6.1  Trap Ditch Design PDF 12.3MB
EFH page 14-104.43-54, Exhibit 14-6.2  V Ditch Design PDF 3.0MB
EFH page 14-108.1-3, Exhibit 14-11.1-3  Drain Charts PDF 614KB
EFH page 14-111  Drainage Chart PDF 162KB
EFH page 17-8.1-3  Inspection of Concrete Structures PDF 879KB
EFH page 17-26a  Bending Reinforced Bars PDF 106KB
EFH page N2-5(1) & 6(1)  Flow Length and Pond-Swamp factor PDF 47KB
EFH page N2-84 1-13  Runoff Depths for CN 60-98 PDF 1.9MB
EFH page N2-88(1)  Table 2-3e, Runoff CN for Mining (Porous) PDF 257KB