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Pennsylvania Engineering Spreadsheets

* Documents on this page will require Microsoft Excel.

PA-SS-001 Agricultural Waste Storage


A2-TO Microsoft Excel 331KB
PA-SS-002 Grassed Waterway (IN) 2/02 A1-TO Microsoft Excel 1.5MB
PA-SS-003 Earthwork Computation (MA) 2/02 A4-TO Microsoft Excel 87KB
PA-SS-004 Storage Structure Size and Cost - PA-TR9, Even Backfill 2/02 A3-TO Microsoft Excel 25KB
PA-SS-005 Storage Structure Size & Cost - TR9, Even and Uneven Backfill  2/02 A3-TO Microsoft Excel 26KB
PA-SS-006 Stream Crossings 4/06 A3-TO Microsoft Excel 4.2MB
PA-SS-007 Livestock Watering Systems   A3-TO Microsoft Excel 87KB
PA-SS-008 Roof Gutters and Downspouts 9/07 SO Microsoft Excel 208KB
PA-SS-009 Parabolic Rock Lined Waterway 2/08 A1-TO Microsoft Excel 50KB
PA-SS-010 Trapezoidal Rock Lined Waterway 2/08 A1-TO Microsoft Excel 52KB
PA-SS-011 V-Shaped Rock Lined Waterway 2/08 A1-TO Microsoft Excel 50KB

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