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Environmental Compliance

The current version of the National Environmental Evaluation Worksheet (NRCS-CPA-52) is required for all NRCS assisted 1) conservation planning; 2) Farm Bill conservation programs; and 3) associated implementation activities. The National worksheet has been required since 1/22/2010. The current version of the National NRCS-CPA-52 is also required for all substantial modifications required of prior versions of the Environmental Evaluation Worksheet.

When the Excel NRCS-CPA-52 worksheet is opened, the macros must sometimes be re-activated. If so, the following message appears near the top of the worksheet, generally under the menu bar:

           Security Warning – Some active content has been disabled
                  - Click on the OPTIONS
                  - Check Enable this content
                  - Click OK

1. Environmental Evaluation Worksheet (NRCS-CPA-52) - See important note above regarding macros

    A. Pennsylvania CPA-52 Template (without Guide Sheets) (Excel, 563KB)
    B.  Pennsylvania CPA-52 Template (with Guide Sheets) (Excel, 750KB) – this is a large file that operates slowly on some computers.

2. Pennsylvania Supplemental Instructions for completing Environmental Evaluation Worksheet (NRCS-CPA-52) (PDF, 777KB)

    A. Pennsylvania Resource Concerns
        NOTE: Click on Attachment "A"
    B. Pennsylvania Supplemental Guidance - Special Environmental Concerns
        NOTE: Click on the Attachment "B"
    C. Categorically Excluded Actions
NOTE: Click on the Attachment "C" link at the beginning of the document!

3. Example NRCS-CPA-52 (PDF, 139KB)

4. Cultural Resources

5. Endangered and Threatened Species

    A. Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program, PNDI Project Planning Environmental Review (PNDI Search)
    B. PNDI - NRCS Guidance (PDF, 38.3KB)
    C. Federal Threatened and Endangered Species List
    D. Pennsylvania Birds of Conservation Concern (PDF, 24.8KB) 

6. Wetlands - NRCS Guidance

    A. Pennsylvania Guidance for Protecting Wetlands (PDF, 43.3KB)

    B. Pennsylvania Off-Site Wetland Determination Methods (PDF, 39.6KB)

7. Other helpful information for completing Environmental Evaluation Worksheet (Documents require Adobe Acrobat.)

    A.  For Planning and Environmental Compliance Information, see eFOTG.
         (Select Section III, then Planning and Environmental Compliance Information)
    B.  Pennsylvania Quality Criteria (PDF, 431KB)
     C.  For additional information on resource assessment tools, see eFOTG.
    D.  Delegations of Authority for NEPA Compliance  (PDF, 4.24MB).

 National NRCS Environmental Compliance Information


For Evaluating Resource Concerns:
Gwendolyn Crews
Planning Specialist

For Special concerns, Cultural Resources:
Heather Smeltz
Cultural Resource Coordinator

For CWA, Endangered Species Act, Migratory Birds, Natural Areas, Riparian Areas and Wetlands:
Jim Gillis
State Biologist

For Prime Farmlands:
Joe Kraft
State Soil Scientist

For all other NEPA Coordination needs:
Dan Dostie
State Resource Conservationist