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The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has developed four energy tools designed to increase energy awareness in agriculture and to help farmers identify where they can reduce their energy costs. 

Energy Estimators

 Energy Estimator: Animal HousingEnergy Estimator: Animal Housing
The Energy Estimator for Animal Housing tool is designed to enable you to estimate potential energy savings associated with animal housing operations, the energy costs in lighting, ventilation and heating costs, as well as, evaluating major energy costs with lighting air circulation, milk cooling, water heating and milk harvesting costs for typical dairy.


Energy Estimator: IrrigationEnergy Estimator: Irrigation
The Energy Estimator for Irrigation tool enables you to estimate potential energy savings associated with pumping water for irrigation. NRCS technical specialists developed this model to integrate general technical information farm-specific crops, energy prices, and pumping requirement.



Energy Estimator: NitrogenEnergy Estimator: Nitrogen
The Energy Estimator for Nitrogen tool enables you to calculate the potential cost-savings related to nitrogen use on your farm. NRCS agronomists developed this model to integrate general technical information on nitrogen use with farm-specific information on fertilizer types, costs, timing, and placement.



Energy Estimator: TillageEnergy Estimator: Tillage
The Energy Estimator for Tillage tool estimates diesel fuel use and costs in the production of key crops in your area and compares potential energy savings between conventional tillage and alternative tillage systems. The crops covered are limited to the most predominant crops in 74 Crop Management Zones (CMZ's). NRCS agronomists have identified these crops and estimated the fuel use associated with common tillage systems. The Energy Estimator gives you an idea of the magnitude of diesel fuel savings under different levels of tillage.

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