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Veterans Emphasis Program

As the Veterans Special Emphasis Program Manager I will support a workplace environment that ensures civil rights and EEO free of discriminatory bias and reprisals; and where the workforce, customers, and business partners are treated fairly with dignity and respect. I encourage the employment of qualified veterans and provide support to currently employed veterans. I support Pennsylvania NRCS in its effort to promote a diverse and qualified workforce.

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Military Fitness Center - - Stuck in a rut with your fitness routine? Not getting the results you want? This site provides strategies for reaching your goals and outlines the type of workouts that will help you succeed.

Military Fitivity AppMilitary Special Forces Fitness App - One of the most difficult types of training is done by elite military personnel. The navy seals, army rangers, and other specialized soldiers have some of the most advanced and extreme fitness routines to keep them in TOP shape - preparing their bodies for dangerous missions. This program uses the same exercises and workouts - pushing your body to its absolute limit. These brave heroes need to be extremely athletic. Their workouts ensure their bodies are prepared for any situation in case they have to preform hand to hand combat or must run long distance.

PSTD Coach AppPTSD App for Your Smartphone *Free* - PTSD Coach was designed for Veterans and military Service Members who have, or may have, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This app provides users with education about PTSD, information about professional care, a self-assessment for PTSD, opportunities to find support, and tools that can help users manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD. Tools range from relaxation skills and positive self-talk to anger management and other common self-help strategies. Users can customize tools based on their preferences and can integrate their own contacts, photos, and music. This app can be used by people who are in treatment as well as those who are not. PTSD Coach was created by VA’s National Center for PTSD and DoD’s National Center for Telehealth & Technology.

VA eBenefits Mobile App311VET - Designed for Veterans to ask general VA Benefits questions and receive answers 24/7/365 from any mobile device, allowing answers at any time and from anywhere. 311VET allows Veterans to gather information on Health Care Benefits, Pensions, Life Insurance, Dependents and Survivors Benefits, and much more. As an interactive service, if a question is unclear a human assistant can help a user to find the information needed more easily. Every 311VET answer includes a source link which can direct a user to more detailed information and help on the way to access benefits which may require personal data.

Important Dates


MAY is Military Appreciation Month

Entire month of May - National Military Appreciation Month
First full week in May - Public Service Recognition Week
2nd Saturday through 3rd Sunday in May - Armed Forces Week
2nd Friday in May - Military Spouse Day
3rd Saturday in May - Armed Forces Day
May 1st - Silver Star Service Banner Day
              (Honoring America’s wounded, injured and ill service members)
May 1st - Loyalty Day
              (Recognizing the American spirit of loyalty)
May 8th - Victory in Europe Day
May 22nd - Maritime Day
Last Monday in May - Memorial Day


PTSD Awareness


June 6th - D-Day Invasion Anniversary
June 14th - U.S. Flag Day
                (The week that includes National Flag Week)
June 14th - US Army Birthday
June 23rd - United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Birthday
June 27th - PTSD Awareness Day
June 28th - Operation Red Wings Observance

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July 4th - Independence Day
July 21st - Department of Veterans Administration Created
July 29th - Anniversary of the Army Chaplain Corps



Veterans Employment Resources & Assistance

Veterans Resources & Organizations

Interesting Reading & Such

  • The Wounds Within, A Veteran, a PTSD Therapist, and a Nation Unprepared –
  • Fields of Combat, Understanding PTSD among Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan  – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books
  • The Veteran’s Survival Guide, 2nd Edition – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books
  • Women Veterans: America's Forgotten Heroines – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books
  • Soldier's Heart: Close-up Today with PTSD in Vietnam Veterans – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books
  • PTSD My Story, Please Listen!: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books

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Contact Information

For Pennsylvania
Lisa-Jon Trinidad
Veterans SEPM
3910 Adler Place, Suite 110
Bethlehem, PA  18017
(610) 625-8392 ext 101 
FAX (610) 625-8397

National Contact
Wayde R. Minami
National Veterans Emphasis Program Manager
Natural Resources Conservation Service
1400 Independence Ave., SW.
Room 4238-S
Washington, DC. 20250

Office: (202) 690-3703