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Agronomy Technical Notes

Agronomy Technical Notes

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Subject Date Technical Note Number
Dispelling Common Myths About Phosphorus in Agriculture and the Environment August 1997 Agronomy No.  1
Effect of Fall Chiseling on Soil Moisture Infiltration,
Runoff and Erosion
April 1988 Agronomy No. 2
Field Measurement of Rill Erosion in Tons/Ac April 1985 Agronomy No. 3
Cercosporella Foot Rot of Wheat March 1981 Agronomy No. 4
Erosion & Sedimentation Evaluation February 1969 Agronomy No. 5
Obtaining Grain Yield Data by Rod Row Sampling July 1978 Agronomy No. 6
Vineyards in Oregon October 1988 Agronomy No. 7
Grass Seed Production in Oregon January 1990 Agronomy No. 8
Planting Dates for Fall Cover Crops in the Irrigated Regions of
Eastern Oregon
October 2000 Agronomy No. 9
Agronomy Techn Note No 9 Seeding Tables    
Standard Methods of Measuring Crop Vegetation
Residues, Yields, & Accuracy of Measurements
January 1989 Agronomy No. 10
Farm Soil Compaction Costs February 1970 Agronomy No.  11
Weed Management for Cover Crop Establishment and Maintenance
on Conservation Reserve Program Acres & Conservation Reserve
Program Plant Guides
March 1998 Agronomy No. 12
Oregon Certified Third Party Vendors List(s) March 1999 Agronomy No. 13
Photographs of Various Levels of Wheat Residue July 1984 Agronomy No. 14
Cephalosporium Stripe of Winter Wheat and Winter Barley July 1984 Agronomy No. 15
Planning Irrigation Pasture Systems July 1970 Agronomy No. 16
Crop Tillage Effects on Residue Cover December 1988 Agronomy No. 17
OSU Extension Service Fertilizer Guides March 1995 Agronomy No. 18
The Importance of Soil Erosion Control and Water Conservation July 1984 Agronomy No. 19
Cropland Inventory Worksheets for Resource Management System Planning March 1999 Agronomy No. 20
Tall Wheatgrass Barriers for Soil Erosion Control
and Water Conservation
January 1973 Agronomy No. 21
Estimating Surface Residues After Tillage October 1988 Agronomy No. 22
Effectiveness of Increasing Mulch Rates in Reducing Soil
Movement on Steep Slopes
January 1973 Agronomy No. 23
CORE4 Conservation Practices reference material May 2000 Agronomy No. 24
A Method of Estimating Livestock Manure Application Rates
to Soils Based on Phosphorus Fertilizer Value
January 1973 Agronomy No. 25
The Phosphorus Index June 2008 Agronomy No. 26
Conservation Buffers to Reduce Pesticide Losses July 2001 Agronomy No. 27
Pulse Crop Alternatives for Pacific Northwest Crop Rotations March 1999 Agronomy No. 28
The Influence of Topsoil Depth on Yields July 1978 Agronomy No. 29
Effects of Crop Rotation and No-Till Crop Establishment on Grass
Seed Production Systems in the Willamette Valley, Oregon
November 1999 Agronomy No.  30
Agronomy Tech Note No 30
Attachment 1
Agronomy Tech Note No 30 Attachment 2    
Agronomy Tech Note No 30 Attachment 3    
A Guide to the Management of Nonirrigated Pastures in
Western Oregon
August 1975 Agronomy No. 31
Principles of Crop Rotation February 1976 Agronomy No. 32
Soil Conditioning Index for Cropland Management Systems (Revised) May 2000 Agronomy No.  33
Spray-on Adhesives for Anchoring Straw Mulch February 1976 Agronomy No. 34
    Agronomy No. 35
Determination of Crop Interval STIR From Average Annual STIR Tables in RUSLE2 February 2007 Agronomy No. 36
Cereal Plant Identification in Vegetative Stage September 1988 Agronomy No. 37
Management of Residual Nitrogen with Cover Crops August 1998 Agronomy No. 38
Soil Disturbance in No-Till and Direct Seed Planting Systems February 2000 Agronomy No. 39
    Agronomy No. 40
    Agronomy No. 41
Vegetative Clues to Common Pasture Legumes August 1980 Agronomy No. 42
    Agronomy No. 43
    Agronomy No. 44
Feel Chart for Estimating Soil Moisture October 1982 Agronomy No. 45
    Agronomy No. 46
    Agronomy No. 47
Frost Damage on Winter Wheat May 1984 Agronomy No. 48
Agronomy Progress Report Straw as an Erosion Control Mulch November 1988 Agronomy No. 49
Field Measurements of Sheet Erosion in T/Ac April 1985 Agronomy No. 50
Erosion Bridge April 1985 Agronomy No. 51
    Agronomy No. 52
    Agronomy No. 53
Soil Fertility November 1985 Agronomy No. 54
Vineyard Cover Crops October 1986 Agronomy No. 55
CRP Seeding Field Treated with Glean November 1986 Agronomy No. 56
Weights, Measures and Conversion Factors
(WNTC EC Tech Note W-39)
January 1987 Agronomy No. 57