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Watershed Rehabilitation Program (Rehab)

Local communities, with NRCS assistance, have constructed over 11,800 dams in 47 states since 1948. Many of these dams are nearing the end of their 50-year design life. Rehabilitation of these dams is needed to address critical public health and safety issues in these communities. The following information provides background and case studies of rehabilitation needs of watershed dams across the nation as well as progress toward rehabilitation accomplishments.

2014 Watershed Rehabilitation Update

The 2014 Farm Bill made about $262 million available for rehabilitation of 151 dams in 26 states.  These watershed management projects provide an estimated $2.2 billion in annual benefits in reduced flooding and erosion damages, recreation, water supplies and wildlife habitat for roughly 47 million people. Projects were identified based on recent rehabilitation investments and the risks to life and property if a dam failure occurred.

FY 2014 Watershed Rehabilitation Projects Funding Table

FY 2014 Dam Assessments Requests - Phase III

Overlay Weller at NCS


YouTube smallWatershed Rehabilitation Program Announcement Full Video (1:04:25, Chief Weller Introduction by Gary O’Neal, State Conservationist, Oklahoma, 16:00-25:20)

"Federal, state, and local dignitaries gathered at Perry Lake in Perry, Oklahoma to announce the upcoming national watershed rehabilitation program. This program, part of the 2014 Federal Farm Bill, will fund the rehabilitation and repair of watershed dams throughout the nation.

The dam at Perry Lake was chosen as the site to make this national announcement because it is one of the first structures that will be rehabilitated as part of this program. It is part of the Upper Black Bear Creek Watershed system and helps to protect the City of Perry and Interstate 35 from potential flood events.” – City of Perry, Oklahoma

Additional Reports

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Watershed Rehabilitation Progress Report, January 2013 (PDF, 491 KB)

Watershed Rehabilitation Status Summary Report, January 2013 (PDF, 230 KB)

Martinez Creek Dam No. 5 was built in 1964 for flood control and protection of agricultural land.

Pohick Watershed Dam No. 3

Martinez Creek Dam No. 5, Bexar County, Texas

Pohick Creek Watershed Dam No. 3,
Fairfax County, Virginia

Yellow River Watershed Dam No. 14 Gwinnett County, Georgia Sugar Creek Watershed Dam No. L- 44 Caddo County, Oklahoma

Yellow River Watershed Dam No. 14,
Gwinnett County, Georgia

Sugar Creek Watershed Dam No. L- 44,
Caddo County, Oklahoma


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If you have any questions, please contact Lorenzo Henderson, Watershed Rehabilitation Specialist, at 202-205-4098.