FY 2015 National On Farm Energy Initiative

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) for Energy Conservation

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The application ranking periods are:

  • January 16, 2015
  • March 20, 2015

Technical and Financial Assistance

Through the EQIP National On-Farm Energy Initiative signup, farmers and ranchers may apply for financial assistance for on-farm energy conservation planning services through a Technical Service Provider (TSP) to develop Conservation Activity Plans (CAP).  

What is an Energy Conservation Activity Plans (CAP): A Conservation Activity Plan or CAP can be developed for producers to identify energy conservation practices needed on the farm or ranch. With a CAP plan, producers can then apply for financial assistance to implement the needed conservation practices. Energy Conservation Activity Plans may only be developed by Technical Service Providers. Although NRCS personnel are prohibited from developing CAPs, they can assist with the development of conservation plans to address all identified resource concerns.

Participants can apply for financial assistance for two types of energy Conservation Activity Plans:

Agricultural Energy Management Plans (AgEMP) - Headquarters 122 (PDF, 311KB)
Agricultural Energy Management Plans (AgEMP) - Landscape 124 (PDF, 50KB).

Financial and technical assistance may also be provide to farmers and ranchers to plan and install energy conservation measures identified in an energy audit or Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) such as:
Conservation measures are:

  • Irrigation water management.
  • Pumping Plant.
  • Residue Management
  • And more
  • Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Headquarters
  • Agricultural Energy Management Plan - Landscape
  • and more

 Energy Audits must be  no older than 4 years and producers. Growers may not receive EQIP payments for conservation work they have already undertaken.

2015 EQIP Energy Initiative Practice Payment Lists and Payment Rates

Program Benefits for Historically Underserved Clients 

EQIP provides enhanced benefits to historically underserved program participants. Click here for more information about historically underserved clients.


Eligible applicants include individuals, legal entities, Indian Tribes, or joint operations engaged in agricultural production. Producers who grow agricultural commodities on eligible land and have resource concerns which may be addressed by energy conservation may participate in EQIP’s On-Farm Energy Initiative.

How to Apply

Application for the Energy Initiative can be obtained at your local NRCS office. NRCS will assist the applicant by developing a conservation plan that includes conservation activities.

Funding Selection and Priorities

Priorities for EQIP funding are based on identified natural resource needs that are consistent with state and national EQIP priorities. Applications that best address natural resources as described in the ranking criteria are prioritized for funding.

Ranking Criteria

EQIP Ranking Questions




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Local Contact
Please contact the District Conservationist in the USDA Service Center nearest the location of your property.