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2008 Conservation Security Program (CSP)

2008 Conservation Security Program (CSP)

The Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 Farm Bill) replaces the Conservation Security Program with the new Conservation Stewardship Program for fiscal years 2009 through 2017.

The Conservation Security Program (CSP) is a voluntary program that provides financial and technical assistance to promote the conservation and improvement of soil, water, air, energy, plant and animal life, and other conservation purposes on Tribal and private working lands. Working lands include cropland, grassland, prairie land, improved pasture, and range land, as well as forested land that is an incidental part of an agriculture operation. The program provides equitable access to benefits to all producers, regardless of size of operation, crops produced, or geographic location.

Current Sign Up Information:  April 18 to May 30, 2008 in the McKenzie Watershed

covered bridge in the McKenzie Watershed CSP Sign Up Deadline Extended Until May 30

Eugene, OR, May 8, 2008 � The U.S. Department of Agriculture�s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) announced yesterday that producers in the McKenzie Watershed will have two additional weeks to apply for the Conservation Security Program (CSP) in fiscal year 2008. The sign up will close on May 30, 2008.

�NRCS recognizes that farmers and ranchers are busy in their fields. We want to give them as much time as possible,� said NRCS State Conservationist Bob Graham. �The sign up has been extended to allow producers adequate time to gather natural resource information and complete the required self-assessment and applicant interview.�

To help agricultural producers determine if they are eligible and prepare program documentation, NRCS has scheduled a final CSP workshop:

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Oregon 2008 Selected Watershed - CSPMcKenzie Watershed Map


Application Materials and Landowner Resources for CSP

CSP Self Assessment Workbook

Producers with the majority of their land inside the boundaries of the selected watershed have met the first criteria for eligibility in CSP. Producers must fill out a Self-Assessment to apply for the program. By going through the CSP Self-Assessment Workbook, potential CSP participants will get a good idea about whether they are eligible for CSP at this time. Producers who may not be eligible can find out about programs that can help them achieve a higher level of conservation so that they may apply for CSP in the future.

Download the Conservation Security Program Self Assessment Workbook
Self-Assessment Workbook (PDF, 2.79 MB)

McKenzie Watershed Packet

The McKenzie Watershed Packet provides watershed-specific information on enrollment options and payments. This includes:

  • Fish and Wildlife Assessment (for Tier II and Tier III applicants)
  • Enrollment category information
  • Enrollment options
  • Payment information for baseline enrollment and additional practices (Enhancement Practices) that applicants may choose to adopt

Download the McKenzie Watershed Packet
McKenzie Watershed Packet  (PDF , 257 KB) 

Your Farm Records for CSP

In addition, producers applicants will be asked to need to provide records of their conservation work. You may provide your own records, or you may use the Conservation Records Book that Oregon NRCS has developed to help you organize this type of information

Conservation Records Worksheets
Conservation Records web site and Conservation Records Book downloads


Additional Information

Information on the McKenzie Watershed
McKenzie Watershed (HUC 17090004)

NRCS National CSP Information
Visit the National NRCS Web site for more information about CSP across the Nation

Oregon CSP News Releases

Some of the following documents require Adobe Acrobat

CSP Sign Up Deadline Extended Until May 30
-- May 8, 2008  (html)
Conservation Security Program Sign-Up Underway in the McKenzie Watershed
-- April 16, 2008 (html)
Conservation Security Program Sign-Up Announced for the McKenzie Watershed
-- March 19, 2008 (html)
2007 Oregon CSP Watershed Announcement
-- September 25, 2006 (PDF, 28 KB)
NRCS Announces CSP Contract Modification Period
-- July 19, 2006
2006 CSP Contract Announcement News Release
-- June 7, 2006(PDF, 85 KB)
Oregon Announces Sign-up for 2006 Conservation Security Program
-- February 1, 2006 (PDF, 40 KB)

CSP Informational Materials

The following documents require Adobe Acrobat

CSP: Step by Step
(PDF, 191 KB)
CSP Screening Questions
(PDF, 1 MB)
Internal Revenue Service Ruling on CSP Payments - National talking points
(PDF, 26 KB)



Local Contact:
For information about the2008 CSP sign up in the McKenzie Watershed, please contact the local NRCS office:
Eugene NRCS Office - 541.465-6443 ext. 3
Tangent NRCS Office - 541.967.5925 ext. 3

Oregon CSP Program Manager:
Bill White
Phone: (503) 414-3085

Last Modified:  07/26/2012